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IJF World Tour Heads to Tashkent for Grand Slam
IJF World Tour Heads to Tashkent for Grand Slam
25 Feb 2021 18:30
Christian Fidler

In 2021, Central Asia will host one of the most prestigious judo tournaments. January 15 was the remarkable date on which the decision came about. On this date, the International Judo Federation (IJF), along with the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan, agreed on a contract. Hence, the world senior championships will take place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in 2021.

The History of Judo in Tashkent 

Before this, Uzbekistan hosted the 2018 Judo Grand Prix. This was another high-level Judo competition that took place in the city. Tashkent is a beautiful city located right in the center of Central Asia. This city has a flourishing Judo scene and keeps organizing Judo tournaments and many other martial arts competitions. The impressive gold medal for Sharafuddin Boltaboev was another gift for Uzbek judo fans. Also two bronze medals for Uzbek lightweights U66kg Tiloviv and Nurillaev. This weight category keeps on pushing with great Uzbek results.

Thus, the love for judo is ever-growing and thriving in the hearts of the Tashkent people. For this reason, Tashkent is a great choice for IJF to host one of the grandest Judo tournaments in the world. The last successful Judo tournament took place in Tel Aviv. After that, the authorities had to cancel all and any judo competition because of the Coronavirus pandemic and visitors could try their luck playing 10$ paysafe casinos

Since Tashkent has hosted many judo competitions before, you can expect the IJF world tours to pan out smoothly without any serious complications. The Judo Federation of Uzbekistan welcomes this competition with open arms and promises to provide the athletes with an amazing experience. 

The Signing Ceremony 

Many people witnessed the signing ceremony at the National Olympic Committee in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. The president of the International Judo Federation and the president of the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan came together at this venue to perform a historic signing of the contract. The media was also present at the spot to question both the presidents about the promising event, and both of them only had good words to say. 

The Championship is Emphatic for Uzbekistan 

With the help of this international tournament, Uzbekistan has a chance to display its love for the martial arts. Furthermore, the young flourishing talent in the city will also get an opportunity to perform at the highest level and see what it feels like to be under the spotlight. 

Competitions such as this are crucial for countries like Uzbekistan. They not only promote the great sport of Judo on the world stage but also help spread the values that inculcate the sport. Lastly, competitions of this stature will inspire young people to take part in competitions. 

Moreover, the president of the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan, Mr. Kamilov, said that this competition would even be bigger than the Grand Prix. This indicates the new World Championships will take place in an improved arena in Tashkent. The people of the city expect new infrastructure because of this event, which makes for a great show and provides the local athletes with a new arena. 

The Importance of Judo for Uzbeks and the World 

The sport of Judo encompasses many qualities that are essential for everyone. To be a judo athlete, one has to be disciplined, and this is the very foundation of success. Judo also teaches people about respect, harmony, and balance. Competition aside, the true essence of martial arts is respect for the opponent. Lastly, when more people start taking an interest in judo, this can have a lasting impact on the overall health of the Uzbekistani youth. 

Iliadis boosts Uzbekistan 

The future looks promising for Judo and Uzbekistan under the guidance of coach Ilias Iliadis. Hosting a competition of this scale may be the first of many other huge tournaments. Therefore, you must support this competition to promote the sport of Judo and the beautiful city of Tashkent.