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Montreal host new top event: 2020 Pan American Championships

11 Dec 2018 16:20

The Senior Pan American Judo Championships in 2020 will be held in Montreal, the same city that will host the Grand Prix in Canada in 2019. On April 16-19, 2020, at the Centre Pierre-Charbonneau will host the PanAm Championships, another major event on the international calendar in which athletes will be able to earn points for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic selection. Over 250 athletes from 25 countries are expected during the competition. Read more


Daria Bilodid cancels Judo Masters in Guangzhou

11 Dec 2018 11:25

The Masters in Guangzhou are approaching, the last top tournament of the year 2018. The icing on the cake of an excellent judo year where many judo stars showed their real capacities. New stars were born, but at the Masters most top athlete will showcase their best judo, but without Daria Bilodid who planned to go to China but had to cancel her participation due to illness that caught her since Monday. Read more


New generation knocking at the door at British Championships

10 Dec 2018 09:40

It was a breathtaking weekend in Sheffield once again at the 2018 Senior British Championships with a host of new champions crowned. Read more

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