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Judo’s message of peace on IDSDP 2019

19 Apr 2019 13:40

 Regina Muratov    Turkish Judo Federation

The resort city of Antalya has been hosting the International Judo Federation World Judo Tour since three consecutive years; with the third edition expanding the number of events.

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Saturday, April 6th, 2019 marked the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, an annual celebration to empower sportsmen, create change and bring about peace in Antalya, Turkey. With the focus on maintaining solidarity and peace along with tolerance for diverse cultures, International Judo Federation also aims to put an end to global poverty. Since judo is the most played sport almost everywhere around the world, the IJF has decided to take up the mission to spread peace in the world by establishing judo in the educational curriculums on schools around the world with no additional cost.

In the inauguration ceremony of the three-day event, the judo family including the IJF staff, referees, coaches and officials stood together to welcome a refugee camp from the small town of Kilis (a district in Turkey). Not only were the refugees granted free access to tour the entire venue, but they were also welcomed by the IJF staff to witness the event.

Education agreement signed

In the presence of about 481 judokas hailing from 75 nations, the Turkish Judo Federation President Sezer Huysuz addressed the guests and the audience. An agreement was signed between the IJF, TJF Turkish Judo Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sport for establishing judo in all educational institutions of Turkey.

Judo and its relationship with peace was justified by Jigoro Kano whose idea was to end tensions like ongoing wars and hate conflicts by the way of creating a new method of combat wherein skill outweighs size and force, with the principle of “maximized efficiency with minimized effort” (ju: gentle; do: way, i.e. the gentle way). IJF’s commission on peace was established about ten years ago to fulfill the needs of people and avoid a state of restlessness and living with no purpose.

The sport has taken an effort to promote peace and tranquility in various different ways. The ‘Judo for Peace’ stores has been opened up at the Paris Grand Slam at AccorHotels Arena in Berry, Paris. With a motive to help judokas afford judogis or tatamis (fight wear of the sport) from the fund collected from JFP stores by selling merchandise like clothing, pins, cufflinks etc.

Character forming

From a traditional form of combat to a sport inculcating physical, intellectual and moral education, judo was initially known as a personal defense mechanism. It was much later that the form was recognized as overall development of mind, body and character. The form is a combination of martial arts along with other combat schemes. Self-control, self-assurance and self-esteem are embedded in a player as he continues to truly embrace the combination of art forms of judo. Initially, a sport originating from Tokyo, it took a universal turn with the formation of IJF as the official body. Till now it has successfully established itself in about 200 nations and continents.

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  • Sezer Huysuz (TUR) - Grand Prix Antalya (2019, TUR) - © Turkish Judo Federation
  • Sezer Huysuz (TUR) - Grand Prix Antalya (2019, TUR) - © Turkish Judo Federation
  • Miryam Roper (PAN) - Grand Prix Antalya (2019, TUR) - © Turkish Judo Federation

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