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Uta Abe makes miracles come true with World title

21 Sep 2018 15:50 / judo news, photos, videos and results

Uta Abe has become the new World Champion. Like yesterday another rookie judoka taking the World title. Just 18 she is and she defeated, like on the opening day, the current World Champion. Uta Abe defeated Ai Shishime in an all Japan final in the golden score. Abe is the third youngest ever World Champion after Daria Bilodid and Ryoko Tani.

The final between Abe and Shishime started exploring the chances. Abe was amazing the whole day and the final was about gripping. Shishime got a penalty for taking the sleeve. World Junior Champion was in breathtaking form and blasted to the final. A second penalty after two minutes Shishime had to be careful. Finals between teammates are never among the best, foremost tactical. Nothing was decided in the last minute leading to golden score. After one minute Abe launched a two handed uchimata with an excellent support of her leg and steering. Despite her 18 years Abe is the absolute prodigy in Japanese judo. An amazing performance of the Abe’s today becoming World Champion together in style.

An all Brazilian bronze medal fight between Erika Miranda and Jessica Pereira. Miranda knew she could win her fifth World Championships medal in a row, her fourth bronze. It was decided in 18 seconds when Pereira had to tap out after a very efficient strangle after an excellent transition.

Two French speaking athletes with world number one Amandine Buchard (FRA) fighting Charline van Snick of Belgium. Buchard scored after one minute by yoko-otoshi with an excellent drive. But the committed Van Snick kept fighting and gave Buchard a hard time taking over the pace, but Buchard could defend her way to her second world bronze in her career, but this time U52kg.

Uta Abe gave a stunning impression in the semi final when she forced a submission for an armlock at Amandine Buchard. She didn’t waste time and showcased judo that we haven’t seen a lot before throughout the day. Her excellent and innovative groundwork is fingerlicking and an example of modern judo. In just twenty seconds Buchard had to tap out.

In the second semi final Erika Miranda had no fear against Ai Shishime the 2017 World Champion, but Shishime countered immediately after 30 seconds with an uchimata taking the lead. Miranda kept the pressure up with two penalties for Shishime, but with her groundwork she won time to keep her wazari.

Miranda didn’t get the semi final position for free as in her pool she defeated Charline van Snick in the quarter. Shishime defeated Kuziutina who lost to Van Snick in the first repechage.  Buchard reached the semi final after she overcame Gefen Primo in the quarter final. Primo lost to Jessica Pereira in the repechage but gave everything she had, and her condition was excellent and Pereira wanted every second to disappear as she was seriously in trouble with Israelian Primo giving gas until the last second.

Watch the youngest world champions here.

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  • Ai Shishime (JPN), Uta Abe (JPN) - World Championships Baku (2018, AZE) - ©, judo news, photos, videos and results
  • Erika Miranda (BRA) - World Championships Baku (2018, AZE) - ©, judo news, photos, videos and results
  • Amandine Buchard (FRA) - World Championships Baku (2018, AZE) - ©, judo news, photos, videos and results

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