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Korean Gwak Dong-Han defeats Mashu Baker at Asian Games
Korean Gwak Dong-Han defeats Mashu Baker at Asian Games
31 Aug 2018 13:10
IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation

At the Asian Games in Jakarta Gwak Dong-Han defeated Olympic Champion Mashu Baker in the semi final by ippon and claimed the Asian Games title in the final against Gantulga Altanbagana (MGL). The 2015 World Champion from Korea won bronze in 2014 and gold in the team event.

In the men’s U100kg Korea wasn’t able to take a second gold medal as Japanese Kentaro Iida overcame Cho Gu-Ham of Korea.

The heavyweight title for men went to Kim Sung-Min who defeated Ulziibayar Duurenbayar. Takeshi Ojitani lost in the semi final to Kim and Mirmamadov and finished fifth.

Ruika Sato took the title for women U78kg. The gold for the winner of the Grand Slam in Düsseldorf was not a surprise. In the final she defeated Korean Yujin Park.

World Junior Champion Akira Sone won the heavyweight title. In the final she defeated Kim Min-Jeong of Korea. It was the eighth Japan-Korea confrontation of this championship.

Japan won the medal tally with 8 gold medals followed by Korea with 4 titles. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan won the two other gold medals. Mongolia disappointed without a victory and seven medals in total. It’s a good indication three weeks for the World Championships in Baku although with a totally different team for Japan.