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Examples of judoka with big shoulder or body tattoos are Danny Williams, Ilias Iliadis, Loic Pietri, Nugzari Tatalashvili, David Tekic, Paolo Bianchessi, but also many women judoka have shoulder tattoos such as Amandine Buchard and Rafaela Silva or more sophisticated tattoos on ankle, wrist. Send us your tattoo photos, ideally in judogi and we add into your profile. Click on the photo link to see all judo tattoos
David Tekic_Belgrade

German judoka David Tekic has his lifestory on his body

10 Oct 2016 09:50

Some of the appealing newcomers in the senior division is Germany’s David Tekic. Not just because he won the European Open this year in Madrid, took his first German title and added the European Cup of Belgrade last weekend. Tekic is a story on his own and the story is partially written on his body. David Tekic a.k.a. Tattoo David is a rich man, because he enjoys life as it is. Read more

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