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Preview Final Block Day 6 Astana

29 Aug 2015 11:10

   IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation
Shichinohe vs Okruashvili

Teddy Riner is still on course for the his eighth gold medal, the all time record. The Frenchman defeated Juhan Mettis (EST), Iurii Krakovetskii (KGZ) and Andre Breitbarth (GER) to get into the semi final where Kim Sung-Min of Korea is the opponent. Riner leads by 6-0, so no fear for that record. The other final is between Ryu Shichinohe of Japan and Georgia Adam Okruashvili, 2-1. The same semi final as in 2014 where the Japanese overcame Okruashvili. Then Ryu Shichinohe lost to Riner, although that one was really close and the Japanese team is in an outstanding mood, almost as dominant as in 2010, do you remember?

Germany keeps hope on a second medal today with Karl-Richard Frey in the semi final U100kg. With also chances for Peters in the repechage and Konitz, Heinle and Breitbarth still in the race for bronze a medal is a must. Frey needs to beat world champin Lukas Krpalek to secure that goal, but the Czech leads by 4-0 in head2heads.

The second semi final is between Cyrille Maret of France versus Haga Ryunosuke of Japan. Haga defeated Olympic medallists Henk Grol and Dimitri Peters. Haga vs Maret 1-1 so far.

In the women’s heavyweights it’s quite an Asian semi final with the Chinese women who will have at least one finalist, Yu and Ma will fight  eachother for a final position, their score in international events is 1-1, both this year in Rabat and Tyumen.

Megumi Tachimoto is favourite to beat Russian Ksenia Chibisova, although she is the only gold medal hope for Russian left, which is painful for that team. Tachimoto leads by 2-0.

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  • SungMin Kim (KOR), Teddy Riner (FRA) - World Championships Astana (2015, KAZ) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Lukas Krpálek (CZE), Karl-Richard Frey (GER) - World Championships Astana (2015, KAZ) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Ryunosuke Haga (JPN), Cyrille Maret (FRA) - World Championships Astana (2015, KAZ) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation

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