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Top judoka De Wit and Orujov cancel Europeans
Top judoka De Wit and Orujov cancel Europeans
10 Apr 2021 23:05

A few top athletes won’t be participating at the European Championships in Lisbon next week. Both players announced their absence due to a COVID-19 positive test. Frank de Wit and Rustam Orujov both communicated their absence via social media.

Orujov: “I'd like to inform you that about 20 days ago, I tested positive for Covid. That's why I won't participate at the upcoming European Championships in Portugal. I am already fine and preparing for the World Championships, where I am gonna take a medal!  Everything will be great! Can't wait to see you at the next competition!”

De Wit: “Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in the European Championship in Portugal next week because I have not fully recovered from my recent COVID infection that I picked up during the training camp in Georgia. I will fully focus on the World Cup (June 9) and of course the Olympic Games in Tokyo”

Clerly the spread event of the Training Camp in Tbilisi made a huge number of judo victims, an event with a lot of consequences. In the Dutch team also medal candidates Tornike Tsjkadoea and Simeon Catharina were contaminated by the virus and will miss the European Championships.   

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