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Ai Tsunoda impresses again with double European title U70kg
Ai Tsunoda impresses again with double European title U70kg
26 Jul 2019 21:45
Rui Telmo Romão /

At the third day of the Judo Tournament at the European Youth Olympic Festival, five categories in the individual tournament took place and the French young men were strong in the categories U81kg and U90kg.

Arnaud Aregba captured the gold medal in his final against Akaki Japaridze of Georgia. Kenny Liveze again won the European title. He won gold in Warsaw last month and this time in Baku took the gold medal after he won his final against Daniele Accogli (ITA).

Azerbaijan’s Huseyn Mammedov became EYOF champion in Baku when he defeated Akhmed Magomadov of Russia in the final. Georgia won a medal in each of the men’s divisions on Saturday, but not the gold.

Azerbaijan and France men both won two gold medals in this tournament. Among the girls Turkish dominated with three gold medals. On the last day heavyweight Hilal Ozturk added the last gold for Turkey. In her final she defeated Carmen Dijkstra of the Netherlands.

Spanish Ai Tsunoda again showed to be the strongest talent in Europe U70kg. The Spaniard defeated world number one Yael van Heemst in the final. At the European Championships in Warsaw both met in an early stage but Van Heemst fought back and won bronze. This time both qualified for the final but Tsunoda took only 100 seconds the take the victory. Actually quite long compared to her 23, 44 and 34 seconds she needed to qualify for the final.