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1972 Olympic Champion Shinobu Sekine passed away

18 Dec 2018 09:10


At the age of 75 years Japanese Olympic Champion of 1972 Shinobu Sekine passed away today in a hospital in Tokyo. At the Munich Olympic Games he defeated Seung-Lip of Korea in the final U80kg. He celebrated most of his international success in Germany as he won bronze at the 1971 World Championships in Ludwigshafen as a middleweight in the open class.

The cause of his death was not yet announced but he suffered cancer and his condition was far from optimal despite his 75 years of age. Sekine was the president of the Tokyo Metropolitan Judo Federation for five years.

He was famous for his feared Tai Otoshi and fought great athletes such as IJF General Secretary and later World Champion Jean-Luc Rouge, Vitaly Kuznetsov, Brian Jacks, Givi Onashvili and Klaus Glahn.

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  • Shinobu Sekine (JPN)

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Double Olympic Judo Champion Willem Ruska passed away

14 Feb 2015 14:45

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