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In Belgium you can buy Judo Beer

21 Nov 2018 08:45


Belgian Judo school Fudji Yama has brewed a new beer for his sixtieth anniversary: ​​Judobier. "So you now also talk about judo instead of football at the bar", it sounds.

Judo school Fudji Yama, with dojos in the cities of Boom, Schelle and Niel celebrates this year its sixtieth anniversary. To celebrate that, the board decided to brew their own beer. For this, an appeal was made to the Brewery. The result is the aptly named Judobier, a blond unfiltered beer with an alcohol percentage of 6.6 percent. Nice extra: the judoka's stayed true to their roots and used the Japanese Sorachi Ace-hop in the beer.

"In my studies as an industrial engineer in biochemistry, I once had to brew beer in one of my subjects", says board member Ken Kennes. "I thought it would be fun to do that again with the brewey for our club and our supporters. It can bring extra money for our club and help to get more attention for the judo sport. With U21 world champion Matthias Casse and his brother Jeroen Casse we have two super ambassadors in our club. If people drink the Judo beer, they will hopefully be reminded of it and talk about judo at the counter more than about football. "

A judo beer will cost you two euros per bottle and 48.60 euros per box. A good Christmas present.

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