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Elio Verde quits as athlete and continues as coach

31 Jan 2018 10:55 / judo news, results and photos

After the Italian Championships this weekend in Ostia, Elio Verde said farewell to his career as athlete. The Italian lightweight was active for 13 years at the international stage. He won Italian titles in all age groups, including four senior titles and took two European bronze medals in 2010 and 2011. His highlight though was the bronze medal at the World Championships in 2009 in Rotterdam.

In November 2017 Elio Verde returned to the Netherlands at the Grand Prix in The Hague. He had lost in his first round and was thinking about this future, alone in a tent in the warming-up zone. Creating a lonely place where he could consider the strategy of his career. Last weekend at the Italian Championships in Ostia he packed his conclusions and retired.

Verde: “I wear the Olympic Rings with me on my body. A skull is tattooed on my body and always I have music around me. We try to create a safe space when it comes to a battle. I had my own environment in which I felt myself comfortable. I have been to many places in the world, I competed at five World Championships, starting in 2007. I have been to the Olympic Games in 2012 where I finished fifth. But this safe place lately told me that it was time to change, to start a new challenge!”

“It is this moment that I close my career as an athlete and immediately start as a coach. Thanks to all those who believed in me all these years. Those who were close, who supported me when I went into operation again. For those who supported me when I won and especially when I lost! And to my family, all this is for you!”

Elio Verde won 13 medals at international tournaments in 10 years’ time. He won the Super World Cup in Rotterdam in 2008 and World Cups in Warsaw, Prague twice. In fact in another time. The World Tour was expanded and after the Olympic Games in 2012 he switched to the category U66kg. The 31-year old Italian warrior was coached by Dario Romano and Paolo Bianchessi. His last important medal was achieved in January 2016 when he caught bronze in Havana.

The World Tour started in 2018 without Elio Verde, but the World Tour will soon meet with the coach Elio Verde.

Watch his photos during his career.

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  • Elio Verde (ITA) - Italian Championships Ostia (2018, ITA) - © Franco Di Capua
  • Elio Verde (ITA) - Italian Championships Asti (2014, ITA) - © Evelyn Artworks
  • Elio Verde (ITA) - European Championships Vienna (2010, AUT) - © Christian Fidler

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