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World number one Rustam Orujov: only the world title counts

18 May 2017 20:00

 by Nikoloz Gurini

When you get to Baku, just mention the name of Rustam Orujov in the street, the store, the subway, the bus stop, or any other place and you will immediately see the people's distinctive love and respect toward the current number one of the World Ranking U73kg and runner up of the Olympic Games. Georgian young reporter Nikoloz Gurini interviewed Orujov.

Gurini: Rustam, first of all, our congratulations with your dignified success at the 4th Islamic Games in Baku.  First of all, let's evaluate your participation.

RO: I did not like my participation. I am injured and could not afford the 100% of my possibilities.

As we know, this tournament has a special role for you, you were also an honorary ambassador of these games, and all of these had extra responsibility, because it was held in your country, How do you think all this affected you?

RO: Yes, the games were really special and it was a big burden on my shoulders.

As for the final, you have met your team member, Let's assess the final and tell us a few words about meeting with Heydarov.

RO: Yes, I was fighting against Heydarov in the final. I feel very good with him and I was ready to defeat him, but this is a sport where everything can happen. One small mistake and you lose.

What can you tell about your future plans? There is an interest in Social networks, if you intend to change your weight?

RO: No, this is not true. I want to continue participating in the 73-kg category. I'm the best at this, and why do I have to change weight category. And if you say it due to Heydarov, I'm principle and I will prove who is the strongest in the U73kg category.

Which competition do you plan to participate for in the nearest future? And of course, how are you preparing for the worlds?

RO: I think I will not play anywhere before the World Championship. My goal is World the world title! We will train with great load and we are going to a training session to Japan.

In the world ranking, you still hold the first place. In the judo world you are known as the legend of our time, on the background of all this, the rating and interest towards you is increasing day by day. A clear example of this is your personal site rating - 50,000 viewers in one day. Tell us about it. What does ‘support’ mean to you, and what extra power, energy, and motivation do you get from it?

RO: I have too much to do to be a legend. I love all my fans. I'm constantly trying to help them when they ask questions about judo or when they want to talk to me. They love me and I love them. When I am in the hall, the fans are my motivation.

What interests do you have and how do you spend your free time. Who owns your free time mostly?

RO: I love spending my free time with my family, playing with my child, walking in the nature together with my family.

You were awarded with a medal of honor "For serving the homeland", what does this reward mean to you?

RO: I am very pleased that our dear president so highly appreciates our contribution to the motherland. I am very glad!

Finally, thank you for giving your time, especially after such overloaded schedule, thank you for spending time to thousands of your fans.

RO: Thank you! I was very glad to talk to you and I want to tell my fans, that I love them!

Nikoloz Gurini: "I had the privilege to meet with the world's number one sportsman in Baku. I had the opportunity to see his self-styled exercises  personally. Rustam Orujov is a very good example for everyone, not only for the sportsman, but for the representative of any sphere. His self-sacrificing work, loyalty to the profession, love toward the profession, humility, hospitality, and respect, that he always shows, is a true example of a decent, real human being."

"It is a great honor for me to write an interview with the legend of our time. I'd like to wish him success in his future career and I believe that he will continue to succeed and prove that he is the best." 

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  • Rustam Orujov (AZE), Hidayet Heydarov (AZE) - European Championships Warsaw (2017, POL) - © David Finch,
  • Rustam Orujov (AZE) - © Sent by athlete
  • Rustam Orujov (AZE) - © Sent by athlete

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