European Open Sofia - Event

European Open Sofia

  • Date: 7 Feb 2015 - 8 Feb 2015
  • Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Type: World Cup - Continental Open
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New judo heroes are made at European Cadet Championships

1 Jul 2015 16:05

This week the European Championships for Cadets will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. This event is of a particular importance for many reasons. First of all, it is a qualifier for the World Cadet Judo Championships in Sarajevo in August. Secondly, the cadet age group is the first and most challenging step to the higher level, and many young judoka have proved to become a champion such as Arsen Galstyan, Ilias Iliadis, Elnur Mammadli and from the past Angelo Parisi. They all won the Olympic title later in their careers. Read more

SM_20150221_Dusseldorf_SCHLESINGER, Alice (GBR) - TSEDEVSUREN, Munkhzaya (MGL)10

Alice Schlesinger finally back on the tatami

11 Mar 2015 13:45

Alice Schlesinger will finally return at the international tatami. After a long period since she was forced to leave judo, she is now back as British citizen and looks forward to collects successes and talk about judo rather then politics. It's been an rough time for the former World medallist and 2012 Olympian. She talks about the past unpleasant time and reacts on her switch for Great Britain. Read more

20090829_WCHs_Annett Meszaros_HUN

Anett Breitenbach ready to make her comeback

8 Jan 2015 14:30

Anett Breitenbach, nee Meszaros announced her retirement a while ago when she admitted she wants to succeed in the world of MMA. However, that plan is on hold for the moment as the two times Olympian from Hungary returned on the tatami to fight for her chances at the 2016 Olympic Games. Read more


Alice Schlesinger British citizen and on her way to international comeback

15 Dec 2014 13:35

Alice Schlesinger of Israel finally find her way to be back on the mat. Okay, let's be honest, it's really hard to compete with Yarden Gerbi who is every day closer and closer to the Olympic medal, but apparently everything began a few days after the Olympics in a fateful meeting between Schlesinger and IJA chairman Moshe Ponti. Read more