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Daniel Cargnin surprises Lombardo and will face Hifumi Abe

Daniel Cargnin surprises Lombardo and will face Hifumi Abe

25 Jul 2021 08:45
Brazilian Judo Federation

Brazilian Caniel Cargnin is one of the surprises of the second day of the men’s judo tournament in Tokyo. Not that Cargnin was unknown, as he is a former Junior World Champion, but in this field it is simply hard to survive the shift of the first rounds. Cargnin became the winner of pool A with medal favourite Manuel Lombardo of Italy. Cargnin defeated the world silver medallist in the quarter final and will now be opposed to Hifumi Abe of Japan.

Cargnin defeated Mohamed Abdelmawgoud of Egypt in his first round and booked a victory against Denis Vieru of Moldova.

Abe was clean and bested Kylian Le Blouch of France and onorthodox Mongolian fighter Baskhuu Yondonperenlei in the quarter final. A second Asian fighter is in the semi final, An Ba-Ul of Korea won pool C overcoming Adrian Gomboc of Slovenia in the quarter. Had had an easy draw where Gomboc became the winner of a set great fighters such as Spanish Alberto Gaitero who lost in his first match, similar to yesterday’s Spanish performances and Georgii Zantaraia who beat him lost to Gomboc in possibly Zantaraia’s last career contest.

An’s opponent will come from pool D and the winner is Vazha Margvelashvili, not a big surprise. The Georgian defeated world bronze medallist Yakub Shamilov (ROC) and Baruch Shmailov of Israelian who was sent to the repechage final.

The final block continues with Cargnin vs Abe and An vs Margvelashvili. The story of the Abe siblings continues. In the repechage Lombardo will lick the wounds against Yondonperenlei and may go for bronze but the Mongolian is not a snack and will give hard resistance like he did at the World Championships against  Maruyama. Gomboc will battle against Shmailov.

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