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Baruch Shmailov tested positive for Corona
Baruch Shmailov tested positive for Corona
17 Oct 2020 19:30
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One week for the Grand Slam in Budapest Baruch Shmailov tested positive for Corona. The Budapest Grand Slam is the comeback of the IJF World Tour. Eventually Shmailov passed the test, like the rest of the selected athletes, as part of the requirements of the International Judo Federation and while the other athletes came out negative, Shmailov, who feels good and without symptoms, as mentioned came out positive. His two training partners went into isolation.

The team including Ori Sasson, Peter Paltchik, Tal Flicker, Shira Rishony, Gefen Primo, Gili Cohen and Timna Nelson Levy will take part in the competition for Israel.

In accordance with the guidelines of the IJF, a second test will be conducted for all athletes, with the landing in Hungary a third test, and before weighing a fourth test.