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Golden boy Sharofiddin Boltaboev set record
Golden boy Sharofiddin Boltaboev set record
21 Sep 2019 17:30
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Sharofiddin Boltaboev became the winner this time of the Grand Prix in Tashkent. In the last contest of the day he needed the full support of the home crowd against Kamoliddin Rasulov of Uzbekistan. The home country captured two gold medals in one day.

It's always difficult to find a fellow countryman whose judo is known by heart. It's never easy either because the world ranking has a definite impact on national teams when many athletes are able to get into the points. Should they give all? Should they keep a little underfoot for fear of losing? It is certain that these are questions that competitors ask themselves.

However, Kamoliddin Rasulov (UZB) and 31-year old Sharofiddin Boltaboev (UZB) have totally engaged in a final that has remained indecisive for a long time. It was not until the golden score that Boltaboev found the opportunity to project his opponent to win the title. It should be noted that Boltaboev now holds the record for the fastest ippon in the World Judo Tour, scored in the second round of the competition against the Chinese, Nai Rigaqi (CHN). 2.88 seconds only were needed for Boltaboev to continue the competition and reach the top of the podium

It was on a very good kara-guruma attempt that Shamil Borchashvili (AUT) quickly won the first match for the bronze medal against Muso Sobirov (UZB).

In the second match to access the podium, Sami Chouchi (BEL) was against Abas Azizov (RUS). The match was tough and tight, but it was after a last strong attack of the Belgian that the third shido for passivity was given to Azizov. Chouchi formed a heart with his hands, and enjoy this beautiful medal.