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Record performance by Turkish cadets in Antalya

3 Mar 2019 17:45

   Turkish Judo Federation

It was not a surprise that the Turkish home team won most of the medals at the Cadet European Cup in Antalya this weekend. The Turkish youngsters captured 50% of all gold medals and 23 medals in total. Georgia, Russia and Azerbaijan are typical successful nations in this age category that all won a gold medal.

For the first time in history Turkey won eight titles at its own tournament. In 2010 and last year seven gold medals were won, but this time a record 50% share.

Especially in the girls divisions Turkey was dominating the pace. Six categories were won and only France and Azerbaijan took gold among the girls. French Chloe Devictor kept Nino Loladze off in the final U52kg and won gold. Aytaj Gardashkhanli won the gold U57kg against Turkish Aydin. All other six gold medals went to Turkey.

40kg Doga Suren

44kg Merve Azak

48kg Sila Ersin

63kg Habibe Afyonlu

70kg Hatice Vandemir

+70kg Hilal Ozturk

Among the young men Georgia was the wining nation with three gold medals. Giorgi Terashvili won gold U66kg. Akaki Japaridze gold U81kg and Tornike Podalashvili U90kg. Twice in a final against Russia that won three silver medals, but won gold U60kg by Ivan Petrov… against Georgia. Russia though won the first gold U50kg by Mansur Vedzhizhev. Also Azerbaijan captured three silver medals but surprisingly won gold in the girls U57kg.

Talha Buyukeser (U55kg) and Mahmut Ozgurbuz (U73kg) won gold for the home country making eight gold medals. Kazakhstan quite remarkable won gold in the heavyweights by Zhurkamyrza Shukurbekov.

The next and fourth Cadet European Cup of the season will be held in Zagreb (CRO)

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  • Sezer Huysuz (TUR) - European Cup Cadets Antalya (2018, TUR) - © Turkish Judo Federation
  • Merve Azak (TUR) - European Cup Cadets Antalya (2018, TUR) - © Turkish Judo Federation

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