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Mongolian legend Khashbaatar denied in the final by Tatalashvili

5 Jul 2014 16:55

 by Mark Pickering - IJF    IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation
20140705_Ulaanbaatar_TATALASHVILI, Nugzar GEO

Mongolian legend and Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix poster boy Khashbaatar Tsagaanbaatar (MGL) had to settle for silver in his homeland for the second successive year as Nugzar Tatalashvili (GEO) topped the -73kg medal podium. Tatalashvili was the only non-Asian winner as former world champion Khashbaatar, 30, was penalised for passivity twice after the Georgian was untroubled by a yoko-tomoe-nage effort.

In the first semi-final Khashbaatar bested teammate Ganbaatar Odbayar (MGL) by scoring a waza-ari from a tani-otoshi and held him down for 15 seconds to add a second and match-winning waza-ari. Joining the Mongolian in the final was Tatalashvili who broke the Asian dominance of the semi-finals as he swept past world number 200 Jang Won Gi (KOR) with a yuko from a tai-otoshi setting him on his way before he added a waza-ari and ippon.
The first bronze medal was clinched by Oberwart European Open winner Nakamura Takenori (JPN) who derailed JANG who was targeting the first IJF medal of his career. Nakamura threw the Korean with morote seoi-nage for ippon after two minutes. The second bronze medal was won by Asian champion HONG Kuk Hyon (PRK) as he defeated GANBAATAR to win his first IJF medal and his country’s first medal of the competition. HONG took the lead with a waza-ari from an ippon seoi-nage and added a second waza-ari to wrap up victory in 65 seconds. 
Georgian coach Irakle Uznadze is accustomed to accompanying his athletes to the tatami to take part in a medal contests. Today was no exception as Uznadze followed Nugzari Tatalashvili into the arena for the gold medal match in the U73 kilo category where the Georgian faced home favourite Khasbaatar Tsaganbaatar. The route to the final saw Tatalashvili defeat Hasan Vanlioglu of Turkey by ippon in the opening round. He next faced the Asian champion Hong Kuk Hyon of North Korea who possessing exceptional throwing skills was let down by committing several errors earning him three shidos and a loss. Tatalashvili then threw Jang Won-Gi KOR for ippon to take his place in the final. “I was really pleased to get the win against Khasbaatar. He is a high quality fighter and I had not fought him before. We had been on together at training camps but not in competition. I was not thinking about where we were, I mean being in Ulaanbaatar, his home. I was simply concentrating on what I had to do,” said Tatalashvili.

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  • Nugzari Tatalashvili (GEO) - Grand Prix Ulaanbaatar (2014, MGL) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Nugzari Tatalashvili (GEO), Tsagaanbaatar Khashbaatar (MGL), Kuk Hyon Hong (PRK), Takenori Nakamura (JPN) - Grand Prix Ulaanbaatar (2014, MGL) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Tsagaanbaatar Khashbaatar (MGL) - Grand Prix Ulaanbaatar (2014, MGL) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation

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