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Fifth Grand Slam crown for Portuguese ace Telma Monteiro

17 Mar 2018 19:10

 by Mark Pickering - IJF    IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation

Olympic bronze medallist and three-time world silver medallist Telma Monteiro op Portugal topped the U57kg medal podium of the Grand Slam in Ekaterinburg with a typically mature and calculated performance.

Monteiro threw Baku Grand Slam winner Lien Chen-Ling (TPE) with a tomoe-nage for a waza-ari and then countered her rival on the edge of the area to win by waza-ari-awasette-ippon. The win was the first for 32-year-old Monteiro on the IJF World Judo Tour since 2015 and proved that she certainly has one more Olympic Games left in her.

In the first semi-final three-time Grand Prix winner Tamaoki Momo (JPN) lost to Monteiro by a waza-ari score from a sumi-gaeshi. In the second semi-final Lien pinned down Düsseldorf Grand Slam silver medallist Karakas Hedvig (HUN) in osaekomi for 20 seconds to progress to the final.

The first bronze medal was won by world champion Dorjsuren Sumiya (MGL) who dismissed Karakas by ippon. Mongolian star Dorjsuren threw with an ippon-seoi-nage in golden score to salvage a place on the podium.

The second bronze medal was won by world number 20 Tamaoki after Loredana Ohai (ROU) was disqualified for receiving three shidos.

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  • Sumiya Dorjsuren (MGL), Momo Tamaoki (JPN) - Grand Slam Ekaterinburg (2018, RUS) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Sumiya Dorjsuren (MGL) - Grand Slam Ekaterinburg (2018, RUS) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Loredana Ohai (ROU) - Grand Slam Ekaterinburg (2018, RUS) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation

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