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Lukas Krpalek the face of IPPON GEAR
Lukas Krpalek the face of IPPON GEAR
6 Oct 2019 08:05
IJF Emanuele Di Feliciantonio / International Judo Federation

Lukas Krpálek is at his best these days and became the world champion in Tokyo. It was the ultimate highlight this year for him but he has already experienced some career highlights. The Czech Olympic Champion will perhaps face Teddy Riner again in Brasilia at the Grand Slam but this time as a world champion. He never defeated Riner who is undefeated in 148 matches but Krpálek comes closer and gave Riner a hard contest in Montreal.

Each time that day comes closer and strange things might happen in Brasilia on Tuesday. Two gold back patches fight together and in Montreal this year it was an excellent fight and a lot of respect between the two great fighters.

Krpálek is the world-wide face of the new judogi brand IPPON GEAR, a 100% Judo brand with long background in Judo. Krpálek will wear the IJF product IPPON GEAR LEGEND in Paris. Not just Krpálek but the full teams of Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Denmark will soon be dressed up in IPPON GEAR.

Lukas Krpálek was filmed to promote the latest brand in judo that delivers high quality products for an affordable price. Krpálek likes the great design and fit.

The triple World and current Olympic Champion knows all eyes are on him now as the heavyweight world champion.If you need a judogi or pants only, IPPON GEAR can deliver a “MIX AND MATCH” system to buy pants and jackets separately.

CHASE YOUR DREAMS with IPPON GEAR and follow Lukas's challenge to beat Teddy Riner.

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