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Sisters act at German Championships
Sisters act at German Championships
22 Jan 2017 19:30
Klaus Müller / Watch:

At the second day of the German Championships it was a real sisters act. U52kg The sisters Stoll qualified for the final, while both twins eliminated the sisters Coban in the semi finals. U63kg both Reimann sisters were in the semi finals, but had to bow for the finallists.

The final U57kg Theresa and Amelie Stoll sincerely fought for the gold but it was Theresa who threw her sisters for ippon with an excellent uchimata. Respect was all what remained, both reach the final in a field of 30 rivals. Theresa Stoll was happy for the results and Amelie ... "It could have been the best posible result but for me it was a shitty result."

The men's final U73kg was a tough one between Olympian Igor Wandtke and Anthony Zingg. In the last minute it was Wandtke who claimed the gold medal in a lively match.

Szaundra Diedrich defeated Lisa Dollinger in the final U70kg, also with a splendid ippon. Diedrich won her last national medal in 2014 and was obviously satisfied with the first title among 26 women.

Dominic Ressel dominated the category U81kg despite the tough competition. In the final he scored in the dying seconds of the contest against Joris Kuger.

Martyna Trajdos grabbed the gold U63kg in a fight against Nadja Bazynski who took the lead in the match, but it was Trajdos who made a good transition later in the match and progressed for oseikomi for 20 seconds. Both sisters Lea and Lara Reimann from the host city Duisburg took the bronze.

U90kg Robert and Hannes Conrad grabbed the bronze at different mats, but could hug eachother in between the two mats, unique image, but a precious moment for the brothers. However the gold was the 19-year Eduard Trippel who had an excellent day and progressed again into the final like last year. This time he defeated 2015 national champion arc Odenthal and stunned to the gold. Odenthal led the match, but Trippel is the man for the future and he countered Odenthal 80 seconds for the end with a left uchimata.