Judo in Qatar

Qatar will organise the 2023 World Championships for individual athletes and for teams. Host city Doha will also organise the 2020 IJF Masters. Both events are agreed and signed with the International Judo Federation and the Qatar Taekwondo, JUDO & Karate Federation. Furthermore both parties agreed on a partnership for the implementation of a program that will support the promotion and development of judo in Qatar, before and during the events that they will host. IJF President Marius Vizer said: “It is an honor for the IJF to organise World Championships 2023 and Masters 2020 in Qatar."

Ayoub El Idrissi - Idol

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Judo event Type Place Date
Arab Games DohaArGDoha10 Dec 2011
Asian Games DohaAGDoha2 Dec 2006
Asian U20 Championships DohaAJChDoha17 Sep 2004


Name Birthdate Age
Ayoub El Idrissi23 Oct 199426 years
Reda Nafwa3 Dec 199030 years
Nasser Alansi28 Dec 198535 years