Judo in Peru

The national team lives concentrated in a high performance centre in Lima, called Videna. The president of the Peruvian Judo Federation is former judoka and 2008 Olympian Carlos Zegarra. His wife María Martínez is Head Coach of the Peru Judo Team. One of the most important athletes is Alonso Wong who won various Pan American Opens. Other athletes are German Velazco, Juan Postigos, Brillith Gamarra Carbajal, Yuta Galarreta Villar. Alonso Wong won bronze at the Grand Prix in Cancun as well as Juan Postigos. With Zegarra also Velazco and Postigos competed at the Olympic Games.

Judo legends B S G

  • Alonso Wong
  • 320
  • Juan Postigos
  • 410
  • Carlos Zegarra
  • 300
  • German Velazco
  • 200
  • Yuliana Bolivar Gonzales
  • 200

Alonso Wong - Super star

Juan Postigos - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Yuliana Bolivar Gonzales
  • 102
  • Luis Angeles
  • 101
  • Alonso Wong
  • 101
  • Yuta Galarreta Villar
  • 001
  • Michael Patino
  • 001

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Pan American Open LimaWCupLima6 Dec 2020
Pan American Cup U21 LimaIJFJunLima4 Dec 2020
ParaPan American Games LimaParaPLima23 Aug 2019
Pan American Games LimaPanamLima8 Aug 2019
Pan American Cup U21 LimaIJFJunLima2 Jun 2019


Name Birthdate Age
Alexander Ramirez23 Jan 199724 years
Rut Isabel Mauro24 Jan 198041 years
Rut Mauro24 Jan 198041 years
Lesly Huaman26 Jan 198734 years
Marisel Vivanco30 Jan 199724 years