Judo in Morocco

Judo in Morocco is an important sport. Morocco had 33 African Champions. Safouane Attaf, Adil Belgaid, Yassine Moudatir, Rizlen Zouak won three or more African judo titles. Rizlen Zouak, Assmaa Niang and Imad Bassou represented Morocco at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. In 2010 Morocco organised the World Junior Championships in Agadir and in 2015 the IJF World Masters. Each year the African Open is organised in Casablanca. In 2019 the Royal Moroccan Judo Federation successfully organised a combination of the Veteran World Championships and Junior Worlds.

Judo legends B S G

  • Safouane Attaf
  • 406
  • Assmaa Niang
  • 215
  • Adil Belgaid
  • 324
  • Yassine Moudatir
  • 204
  • Rizlen Zouak
  • 213

Safouane Attaf - Super star

Soumiya Iraoui - Idol

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Judo event Type Place Date
World Junior Mixed Team Championships MarrakechWTCJMarrakech20 Oct 2019
World Championships Juniors MarrakechWJCMarrakech16 Oct 2019
African Cup U21 CasablancaIJFJunCasablanca15 Sep 2019
African Cup U18 CasablancaIJFCadCasablanca14 Sep 2019
African Games RabatAfCRabat17 Aug 2019


Name Birthdate Age
Noureddine Fasly4 Mar 195764 years
Khadija Haouati5 Mar 196556 years
Alaa Bassou6 Mar 199031 years
Ali Ouassmih7 Mar 200120 years
Hassania El Azzar7 Mar 198536 years