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Lebanese Judo Federation President Saade was awarded "The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays", with the Japanese embassy in Lebanon in April 2020. He was congratulated by IJF President Marius Vizer. Saade was honoured for his "outstanding contribution of promoting judo in Lebanon and strengthening friendly relations between Japan and Lebanon over many years". Saade was chairman of the Lebanese Federation 1980-1994. Saade is a member of the Lebanese Olympic Committee since 2010.

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Asian U21 Championships BeirutAJChBeirut12 May 2018
Asian U18 Championships BishkekACadetBeirut10 May 2018
Asian U17 Championships BeirutACadetBeirut1 Oct 2011
Asian U20 Championships BeirutAJChBeirut1 Oct 2011
Asian U20 Championships BeirutAJChBeirut14 Nov 2009


Name Birthdate Age
Fares Abi Nader21 Dec 198040 years
Mikael Merheb25 Dec 199426 years
Georges Merheb26 Dec 198634 years
Wassim Farid Obeid27 Dec 197842 years