Judo in South Korea

Judo is very popular in South Korea and since the 2012 Olympic Games in Rio Korea won two god medals by Kim JaeBum and Song Dae-Nam. For Korea Kim Jae-Bum was both Olympic finallist in 2008 and 2012 and was former World Champion for Korea. In the Judo history of Korea they won 11 gold medals. One of the best judoka of South Korea is Jeon Ki-Young who won the Olympic title in 1996. Won-Hee Lee won Olympic gold for Korea in 2004 in Athens and is women’s coach. Current World Champion is Ba-Ul An and Gwak Dong-Han. An BaUl reached the Olympic final in 2016.

Judo legends B S G

  • Jae-Bum Kim
  • 1211
  • Min-Sun Cho
  • 814
  • Sung-Sook Jung
  • 407
  • Ki-Young Jeon
  • 105
  • Hyung-Yoo Ha
  • 234

Jae-Bum Kim - Super star

Gu-Ham Cho - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • BoKyeong Jeong
  • 112
  • Hayun Kim
  • 112
  • Won Jin Kim
  • 202
  • Gu-Ham Cho
  • 102
  • Ba-Ul An
  • 102

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Judo event Type Place Date
Sambo World Championships CheongJuSWChCheongJu8 Nov 2019
Sambo World Combat Championships CheongJuSWChCheongJu8 Nov 2019
Grand Prix JejuGPJeju26 Nov 2015
World Military Games MungyeongWMGMungyeong5 Oct 2015
World Military Games MungyeongWMGMungyeong3 Oct 2015


Name Birthdate Age
Dae-Nam Song5 Apr 197941 years
Hee-Joon Yoo5 Apr 197347 years
Kyung-Hyung Yoon5 Apr 196654 years
Hyun Yoon5 Apr 196654 years
Taehyeon Kim6 Apr 200119 years