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Members of the Kenyan judo team were at the Junior World Championships in Olbia in 2021 to learn and to gain experience. With seven athletes. The lesson is anything but painful, although they didn't get a medal but they were there and were truly present. They even participated in the mixed team event. They participated by giving the best of themselves. For those in charge of the team, useful lessons will also be learned from this trip. This is also what their participation in the Junior Worlds in 2021, is for. There was also quite a big team at the Judo World for seniors in Budapest in 2017. Kiplangat Sang competed at the 2016 Olymnpic Games in Rio.
Judo legends
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Last results
Judo event Type Place Date
1 African U21 Championships Nairobi AfJCh Nairobi 21 Jul 2022
2 African Championships Cadets Nairobi AfCCh Nairobi 21 Jul 2022
Judo event African U21 Championships Nairobi
Type AfJCh
Place Nairobi
Date 21 Jul 2022
Judo event African Championships Cadets Nairobi
Type AfCCh
Place Nairobi
Date 21 Jul 2022
Name Birthdate Age
1 James Kihara 1 Dec 1958 64 years
2 Teresiah Wairimu Mugure 7 Dec 2003 19 years
3 Ziela Amoit Ekuru 18 Dec 2002 20 years
4 Nelson Ombito 25 Dec 1963 59 years
Name James Kihara
Birthdate 1 Dec 1958
Age 64
Name Teresiah Wairimu Mugure
Birthdate 7 Dec 2003
Age 19
Name Ziela Amoit Ekuru
Birthdate 18 Dec 2002
Age 20
Name Nelson Ombito
Birthdate 25 Dec 1963
Age 59