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The Jamaica Judo Federation doesn't have a rich histiory but trying to gain the traction in judo. With former British judoka Tom Davis Jamaica have won Commonwealth Gold in 2018 in India, which is a unique performance for the small judo nation. With the help of Szandra Szögedi more results may come in the region and it may help to map Jamaica judo in the world. Chang I. Salazar competed at the 2007 World Championships in Rio de Janeiro. Devin Waldenburg debuted at the Grand Slam in Paris in 2019 for his country.

Tom Davis - Idol

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Judo event Type Place Date
Jamaica Championships KingstonNCadetKingston22 Dec 2018


Name Birthdate Age
Ebony Drysdale Daley21 Jan 199526 years
Derrick Kerr6 May 196160 years
Devin Waldenburg1 Aug 199625 years
Theador Subba1 Dec 199724 years
Tom Davis13 Dec 198239 years