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Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea
Judo has also arrived in Equatorial Guinea. In Bata, there are two dojos and more than one hundred judoka children. No lives have been lost when army barracks exploded in the city of Bata among the judoka community, but things as indispensable as a house and therefore, essential material for judo practice have been lost. Many houses have disappeared and numerous judogi have been charred by the flames. Bata is considered the economic lung of the African country. Judo, as always, is present with those most in need.
Name Birthdate Age
1 Rosa Alsgaard 31 May 1999 23 years
2 Arturo Copariarte Mbebita 4 Sep 1987 35 years
3 Jose Mba Nchama 17 Oct 1965 57 years
Name Rosa Alsgaard
Birthdate 31 May 1999
Age 23
Name Arturo Copariarte Mbebita
Birthdate 4 Sep 1987
Age 35
Name Jose Mba Nchama
Birthdate 17 Oct 1965
Age 57