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Judo in Czechoslovakia was popular. In 1988 Jirí Sosna was European Champion for Czechoslovakia and he won World bronze in 1991. In 1980 Vladimir Kocman won Olympic bronze in Moscow for Czechoslovakia. Multiple Czech judo champion Vladimir Barta became IJF Head Sports Director. He is born in Czechoslovakia. In 2016 Czech Republic had its highlight with the Olympic title for Lukas Krpalek, Coached by Petr Lacina.
Judo legends
Vladimir Kocman 0 1 4
Jirí Sosna 1 1 2
Pavel Petrikov I 0 1 2
Jaroslaw Kriz 0 2 0
Zdenek Pisarik 1 0 0
Last results
Judo event Type Place Date
1 Czechoslovakia Junior Chs Banska Bystrica NJun Banska Bystrica 31 Oct 1992
2 Czechoslovakia Junior Championships Zilina NJun Zilina 17 Oct 1992
3 Czechoslovakia Open Championships Jicin NC Jicin 3 Oct 1992
4 Czechoslovakia Cadet Championships Mohelnice NCadet Mohelnice 16 May 1992
5 Czechoslovakia Chs Hradec Kralove NC Hradec Kralove 12 Apr 1992
Judo event Czechoslovakia Junior Chs Banska Bystrica
Type NJun
Place Banska Bystrica
Date 31 Oct 1992
Judo event Czechoslovakia Junior Championships Zilina
Type NJun
Place Zilina
Date 17 Oct 1992
Judo event Czechoslovakia Open Championships Jicin
Type NC
Place Jicin
Date 3 Oct 1992
Judo event Czechoslovakia Cadet Championships Mohelnice
Type NCadet
Place Mohelnice
Date 16 May 1992
Judo event Czechoslovakia Chs Hradec Kralove
Type NC
Place Hradec Kralove
Date 12 Apr 1992
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