Judo in Belgium

Judo in Belgium was extremely popular in the nineties when Ulla Werbrouck won the Olympic title in 1996 and Gella Vandecaveye became world champion and won two Olympic medals. The team of coach Jean-Marie Dedecker booked great successes. Judo Belgian judo celebrated the first Olympic judo title by Robert Vandewalle in 1980 in Moscow and Ingrid Berghmans in 1988. In 2016 Dirk van Tichelt won Olympic bronze in Rio. In 2012 Charline van Snick won judo bronze in London2012. Ilse Heylen took bronze in 2004 in Athens. The most successful judoka for Belgium was Ingrid Berghmans who won the Olympic title in 1988 and was 6 time World Champion.

Judo legends B S G

  • Ingrid Berghmans
  • 4814
  • Gella Vandecaveye
  • 459
  • Robert Van De Walle
  • 1574
  • Ulla Werbrouck
  • 648
  • Harry Van Barneveld
  • 851

Ingrid Berghmans - Super star

Matthias Casse - Idol

Last 365 days of judo B S G

  • Matthias Casse
  • 002
  • Sophie Berger
  • 001
  • Abdul Malik Umayev
  • 001
  • Lien Meeuwssen
  • 010
  • Gabriella Willems
  • 010

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International Tournament of IngelmunsterNTIngelmunster7 Mar 2020
Ingelmunster Tournament U18ITCadIngelmunster7 Mar 2020
Belgian U21 Championships HerstalNJunHerstal15 Feb 2020
Belgian U18 Championships HerstalNCadetHerstal15 Feb 2020
Belgian U15 Championships HerstalN15Herstal15 Feb 2020


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Dilaver Hanci22 Oct 200119 years
Filip De Troetsel22 Oct 196951 years
Nathan Decuyper23 Oct 199921 years
Piet Cox23 Oct 199525 years
Evelien Cappaert23 Oct 199426 years
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