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    Telma Monteiro

    Telma Monteiro new IOC ambassador against competition manipulation

    9 Feb 2021 08:45

    Telma Monteiro was appointed international ambassador for the Believe in Sport project, of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Olympic medalist in Rio 2016 will play an important role in the training of his fellow athletes, through participation in training activities and the sharing of information and tools for protection against the manipulation of competitions. Read more


    French judoka Ludovic Bimont (50) passed away

    8 Feb 2021 15:55

    French judo is again in mourning at the start of 2021 as 50 year old Ludovic Bimont passed away. It’s another shock after Guy Auffray and Gérard Decherchi passed away recently as well. Read more


    Judo qualification Grand Prix in Baku for Paralympic athletes

    8 Feb 2021 08:55

    A Grand Prix in Azerbaijan will constitute a return to judo and serve as a qualifier for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) says. Competition is due to be held in Baku on May 24 and 25. Baku has been host of the Grand Prix for a number of years and for the last time in 2019. Paralympic Judo has always been stimulated by the Azeri government and Baku was also host of the 2015 European Games including a Paralympic Judo programme. Read more


    The Jeon Ki-Young Story Part 4: 1997 Paris World Championships

    8 Feb 2021 08:45

    The 1997 Paris World Championships was to be Jeon Ki-young’s last hurrah at the world level. Judo fans would have loved to see one final rematch with Yoshida but the Japanese champion had suffered an arm injury at the Atlanta Olympics, which put him out of training for nearly a year, and thus out of contention for the 1997 World’s. Interestingly, the person who broke Yoshida’s arm in Atlanta was Germany’s Marko Spittka, who would turn out to be Jeon’s final match opponent. Oon Yeoh writes about Jeon Ki-Young. Read more

    19960722B0618 86kgs medals

    The Jeon Ki-Young Story Part 3: 1996 Atlanta Olympics

    6 Feb 2021 10:45

    For the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, many judo fans were still hopeful of yet another showdown between Jeon Ki-Young and Hidehiko Yoshida, who was the defending Olympic champion but this was not to be as Yoshida got thrown for ippon in the first round by Adrian Croitoru of Romania. An overly confident Yoshida should have been more careful as Croitoru had given him a hard time at the 1995 Tokyo World Championships. Oon Yeoh writes about the best ever judoka from Korea: Jeon Ki-Young. Read more


    Noriko Mizoguchi slams comments of Yoshiro Mori

    5 Feb 2021 11:10

    Japanese former judoka Noriko Mizoguchi who was the 1992 Olympic finalist and now a university professor, called Yoshiro Mori’s recent comments toward women “discriminatory” as backlash against the controversial Tokyo 2020 president continued to intensify. Read more


    The Jeon Ki-Young Story Part 2: 1995 Tokyo World Championships

    5 Feb 2021 10:40

    Many people wanted to see a Jeon Ki-Young vs Hidehiko Yoshida rematch after Jeon's world title in 1993 but back then, international competitions were a rarity. The IJF World Tour didn’t exist and there were no Grand Slams or Grand Prix where they could meet. Furthermore, the World Championships were also held only once every two years. Judo fans had to wait until the 1995 World Championships for that rematch to happen. But happen it did. Oon Yeoh writes about the best ever Korean judoka. Read more

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