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Corona suddenly came very close to Edith Bosch

15 Apr 2020 16:05

Former World Champion and triple Olympic medallist Edith Bosch got surprised by the coronavirus a few weeks ago. Just like World Champion Loic Pietri she felt unwell and went through an experience that will need some time to get a place. On the other hand this life experience offered a lot of information and an opportunity to grow and develop. Edith Bosch shares her story and experiences. Read more


Shohei Ono puts Olympic delay in perspective

15 Apr 2020 10:30

Japanese judoka Shohei Ono is taking the challenge of the unprecedented one-year Olympic postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic in his stride as he prepares to defend his 73-kilogram title on home soil next summer in Tokyo. Read more


Judo in the time of Covid-19: Rok Draksic

15 Apr 2020 08:05

Covid-19 influences the life of many judoka and coaches. Roki Draksic is one of the those top fighters from the past, although past sounds like it’s been years. Okay there was good follow up in Slovenia with Adrian Gomboc in Draksic’ former category U66kg. He won the first male European title for Slovenia but his hunting style is still in our fresh memories. You can’t imagine Draksic is our of judo, but now he is, like many. Oon Yeoh of JudoCrazy memorized his career … from a distance. Read more


Discover the tactics behind fighting taller people

14 Apr 2020 13:10

Judo is unpredictable. Especially at Olympic level where the circumstances make it even more difficult to perform. It’s not a guarantee that the current World Ranking leaders make the difference as well in 2021 in Tokyo. The position on the World Ranking will not be the key to Olympic success. Judo technique, the state of the mind and timing of your form are key assets. Read more


Judo in the time of Covid-19: Pleuni Cornelisse

14 Apr 2020 09:50

Dutch promise Pleuni Cornelisse still has a bit of freedom in corona time. She can go outside, train outside but not go to any gym or club. Her father is now her sparring partner. The bronze medallist at Junior World Championships would normally live at the training centre 120kms from her home, but in this time without college Pleuni is sentenced to her home like many. JudoCrazy’s Oon Yeoh was curious about everything. Read more


Judo in the time of Covid-19: Gefen Primo

13 Apr 2020 15:15

Gefen Primo is a rising star from Israel. Last year, she won her first Grand Prix gold medal and had been selected to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, before it was postponed. Currently under lock-down, she is using the time at home to do training with her younger sister who is also a judoka. Oon Yeoh of Judocrazy asked her about her own well-being. Read more


Federation judo meeting causes 16 corona infections in organisation

13 Apr 2020 14:55

The All Japan Judo Federation said Sunday that its managing director, Soya Nakazato, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections within the federation to sixteen. Seven more people from the All Japan Judo Federation (AJJF) have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of infections within the federation to 16. Read more

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