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Sandrine Billiet fights for Cape Verde in Tel Aviv

17 Feb 2021 09:30

Thirty-one year old Belgian judoka Sandrine Billiet fights for Cape Verde since a few years. This weekend she will fight at the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv for her new country. Billiet is happy to get the chance to fight at the highest level and try to qualify for continental quota for the Olympic Games. Flying from Paris she can visit quite a few main events and pick up a few points. Read more


What is your strategical plan towards Tokyo2021

16 Feb 2021 16:55

Quite a few athletes are in fact quite sure about qualifying for Tokyo. Some have their NOC nominations in the pockets and can set their intermediate goals from today until their matchday in Tokyo. Key is not to get injured or ill and pick out one or two event to peak and get the necessary match rhythm. Read more


Israeli citizens surprised of judo privileges

16 Feb 2021 10:05

The arrival of 500 judoka, coaches and officials from 63 countries into Israel while citizens are still banned from entering the country except in the case of exceptional circumstances has aroused much public ire. Read more


Yasuhiro Yamashita candidate to replace former Tokyo boss Mori

16 Feb 2021 09:45

After Yoshiro Mori's demeaning remarks about women 83-year-old former prime minister was forced to step down last week. This week the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee is expected to be name his successor. The name of Judo legend Yasuhiro Yamashita is buzzing as possible replacement, but here is pressure to name a woman to replace Mori. Read more


Saeid Mollaei arrives in Israel for Grand Slam Tel Aviv

15 Feb 2021 10:40

Iranian-born Saeid Mollaei, now representing Mongolia, says he is 'happy' to arrive in Israel for first time. Mollaei landed overnight Sunday in Israel ahead of his participation in the Tel Aviv Grand Slam competition beginning next Thursday, in which he will represent Mongolia and he is looking forward to see his friend Sagi Muki in his own country. An impossible trip for Mollaei in the past. Read more

150307-145803 Fabiola Pidroni (ITA)

Italian judoka Fabiola Pidroni caught for drug dealing

15 Feb 2021 09:15

Former Italian judoka Fabiola Pidroni was caught for dealing drugs in by the agents of the San Secondo police station close to Parma. The police were investigating a drug dealing tour organized in the city. Pidroni, a 27-year-old Italian current professional MMA fighter who competes in various international competitions was caught, but the situation got worse when the police arrived at her home in the Madonna di Campagna district. Read more


Paralympic judo referees announced officially by IJF

13 Feb 2021 14:10

The referees of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo have been announced by the IJF and were sent to the national Federations. Among the twelve referees one lady, Ioana Babiuc of Romania, much less than the Olympic Games where 5 women were chosen in a selection of 16 referees. Read more

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