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Frenchman Kenny Liveze EYOF, European and World Champion

28 Sep 2019 16:30

Kenny Liveze became the third ever cadet World Champion for France. In Almaty he captured the title U90kg against Dzhavad Guseinov. Liveze won the world title, the European title and the EYOF and is the most successful male cadet in Europe, and in fact the world. Read more


Ai Tsunoda delivers Spain the first ever cadet world title

28 Sep 2019 16:15

Ever a Spanish fighter was in a final of the Cadet World Championships but on the last day of the individual tournament AI Tsunoda even won the gold medal. She already was Cadet European Champion and is the undisputed number one of the world. Read more


Irakli Demetrashvili defeats Giga Tatiashvili in all Georgian final

28 Sep 2019 15:45

The last final of the fourth of the World Championships day was a Georgian party between two friends. In the men +90kg category Irakli Demetrashvili and Giga Tatiashvili secured the first gold medal for their country after a perfect day. Demetrashvili was fit from the very first match on and became the executioner of the two Russians competing in the category. Read more


Anna Santos is the first Brazilian heavyweight world champion

28 Sep 2019 15:30

On Saturday was the fourth and last day of the individual competition at the World Judo Championships Cadets in Almaty. The heavyweights were under the spotlights, tall, strong and really powerful judoka. The sound we were looking for, that melodic explosion, was produced in bursts on the three tatamis of the enclosure as the matches took place. It is the sound of ippon and it sounds rampant. Read more


Turkish judo shines with world title for Habibe Afyonlu

27 Sep 2019 16:30

The World Championships final of the girls U63kg was a carbon copy of the U57kg one, because both the Turkish Habibe Afyonlu and the Japanese Yazawa Auri were far from being the favorites at the beginning of the day. Little by little they were winning their fights, and they did it with style and without trembling. In the semifinals the Turkish eliminated Belgium and world number one Alessia Corrao. Read more


Adam Kopecky brings another world title to Czech Judo

27 Sep 2019 16:05

Judo in the Czech Republic is booming these days. Besides the third world title for Lukas Krpalek now Adam Kopecky captured the cadet world title, the first ever in his country. In June he won the European cadet title and he takes it all in 2019. Read more


Ryunosuke Otake takes fourth cadet gold for Japan

27 Sep 2019 15:05

Japan was strong on day three of the Cadet World Championships with two gold medals and a leading position on the medal table in Almaty. Both Japanese boys and girls are strong but they are followed by some of the European top countries. On the podium U81kg it was not different, strong Asian countries in the lead followed by two European countries. Read more