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Kate Howey: The Judo Day of my Life

14 Jul 2020 07:50

Kate Howey competed at four Olympic Games I her career with a bronze medal in Barcelona in 1992 and silver in Sydney in 2000. She competed at many World Championships and debuted in 1991 with world bronze, again in Barcelona when she was just 18 fighting U66kg. Read more


Judo Bundesliga scheduled as a tournament

9 Jul 2020 16:55

The German Bundesliga is one of the strongest judo leagues in the world where international top athletes are invited to fight for the German clubs. Normally in a competition form, this year due to the corona pandemic, a tournament will be held instead of a regular league. Read more


Kathrin Unterwurzacher retires after 12 year top career

8 Jul 2020 16:00

Austrian top athlete Kathrin Unterwurzacher retires from international judo. The 28-year two-time European Championships medalist and 2016 Olympian announced to quite her career as a sports soldier and competitive athlete. After 12 years in the Austrian national team she has to retire due to a damaged right knee. Unterwurzacher: "The pain is too severe. My right knee no longer allows top positions." Read more


Israeli men's team back in quarantine

8 Jul 2020 09:25

The Israeli national men’s Judo team will begin a 14-day quarantine period after one of its members was reported to have tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday night. The number of patients reported to have the virus increased by roughly 1,000 on Tuesday as the nation faces a second wave of coronavirus. Read more


Judo in Video Games

6 Jul 2020 16:30

Various characters from a range of fighting video games use judo moves. But, surprisingly, there are only five games that actually feature playable judo matches. Who doesn't want to see the current stars in a video game like Ono, Riner, Bilodid, Agbegnenou or those others. Let's play! Read more


Prisca Awiti-Alcaraz a new start with Mexico

6 Jul 2020 09:55

In 2017 British-born Prisca Awiti-Alcaraz switched countries to Mexico. Since then she has slowly but surely fought her way up the Olympic rankings now only one place separates her before the direct qualification. With Diana Süß she talked about why only started Judo because of an argument and why she almost stopped. Furthermore, about the hurdles of the change and the long-term goals. Read more


25 year old judoka Mélanie Lemée dies during work duties

6 Jul 2020 08:30

Frech judo is very sad to learn of the death of Mélanie Lemée on July 4 at the age of 25 following an accident in the performance of her duties as a gendarme. Read more

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