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Teddy Riner first man in judo to win 8 world titles

29 Aug 2015 18:50

   IJF Media Team / International Judo Federation
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He is the first man on earth to win eight World titles in judo. Again he defeated all his opponent relatively easy and defeated Japanese Ryu Shichinohe in the final. Teddy Riner was equal to Japanese judo legend Ryoko Tani who won seven world title for women U48kg.

In the first minute it was Teddy Riner who made the first attempt with a very low sutemi waza but with his power he rolled over Shichinohe to his left side and scored a waza-ari. After one minute Riner was fully in control of the final. Both fighters got a penalty but the key is the grip of Riner, with his reach he can pull anyone where he wants. Fourty second for the end again Riner launched a much quicker sutemi but got a yuko and never gave the match away. His 8th world title, no one has ever achieved eight world titles.

Riner is the only judoka to retain his title of all 14 champions of 2014. Today he started his golden journey against Juhan Mettis of Estonia followed by Iurii Krakovetskii of Tajikistan. German Andre Breitbarth was not even two minutes on the tatami in the quarter final. Kim Sung-Min now has a negative record of 7-0 against Riner as in the semi final he got defeated  by ippon as well. Only Shichinohe could hold it for five minutes, but the only thing important was to get the world title, not a time record.

Teddy Riner is most successful judoka ever on the planet. The French heavyweight defeats everyone. He is 2.05m and very athletic. He won three European titles and ofcourse two Olympic titles, so far. He was double junior world champion, multiple athlete of the year in judo and honoured world wide and now eight time World Champion.

All world champions +100kg in a row.

1999      Shinichi Shinohara

2001      Alexander Mikhailin

2003      Yasuyuki Muneta

2005      Alexander Mikhailin

2007      Teddy Riner, 1

2009      Teddy Riner, 2

2010      Teddy Riner, 3

2011      Teddy Riner, 4

2013      Teddy Riner, 5

2014      Teddy Riner, 6

2015      Teddy Riner, 7

and he won the Open category world title in 2008

Japanese heavyweight Ryu Shichinohe won his second silver medal at World Championships against Teddy Riner. He won the Grand Slam in Paris in 2014 and GP Ulaanbaatar (2014) and Dusseldorf in 2015. Won his first All Japanese title in 2012, but didn’t find the solution to beat the tall Frenchman.

Adam Okruashvili took the bronze medal in the men’s heaviest category against Andre Breitbarth in a non attractive match. The decisive moment was made after 100 seconds when Okruashvili launched a left uchi mata and caught the German for a waza-ari. After that the match was secured by the Georgian and he received three penalties to avoid the German to score. Each year Okruashvili get further at World Championships but last year’s slip against Roy Meyer was an exception in the 1/8 final. In 2010 Okruashvili debuted with a loss against Keiji Suzuki and Andreas Toelzer. In 2011 he lost in the 1/8 final to Kim Sung-Min who we saw in action today, but in 2013 the Georgian became fifth. Now he can finally add a bronze medal on his list of honours.

Ukraine heavyweight Iakiv Khammo defeated Kim Min-Sung (there he is again) with a huge ura nage after Kim tried to catch Khammo with a weak throw. After fourty seconds the bronze dream came true and he took the first medal for the Ukraine. Iakiv Khammo has a sensational few months. He just left the juniors with European title last year and this year. Iakov Khammo is a huge talent from Ukraine who won bronze at the European Games, aged 21 and bronze with the team. He is European Junior Champion 2014 and World Junior medallist. Won his first world level Grand Prix in 2015 in Zagreb and now the icing on a huge cake: world bronze in the seniors. He is one of the best performing neo seniors of this championship. Ofcourse Mami Umeki is the best as world champion. 

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  • Teddy Riner (FRA) - World Championships Astana (2015, KAZ) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Teddy Riner (FRA) - World Championships Astana (2015, KAZ) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Teddy Riner (FRA) - World Championships Astana (2015, KAZ) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation

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