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Korean men hit the jackpot in Gwangju's Universiade

6 Jul 2015 12:10

 by Mark Pickering - IJF    Stanislaw Michalowski
20150228_Warsaw_66_Ba-Ul An KOR

At the third day of the Universiade in Gwangju, Korea hit the jackpot with two men’s victories for An and An in U66kg and U73kg. After a beautiful harvest of medals during the first two days of competition, team France, once again put one athlete into the final, Alexandre Mariac (FRA), who was not the most awaited athlete of the team. In final U66kg he faced AN Ba-Ul (KOR), who throughout the first round showed that he was the man to defeat today in Gwangju.

AN Ba-Ul gave no chance to MARIAC to win. After a few seconds he had already scored a first yuko and every one of his attacks put the French in a dangerous situation. The flying Korean, launched one more time his reversed seoi-nage, which he used several times during the preliminary rounds, MARIAC trying to escape landing on a bridge position, which was immediately announced as ippon for AN.

The first bronze medal fight saw Matteo PIRAS (ITA) facing Bektur RYSMANBEKOV (KGZ) for a place on the podium. IRAS rapidly scored a first yuko to take the lead of the fight, while RYSMANBEKOV was penalized twice. Things started to be complicated for RYSMANBEKOV, when he was penalized a third time for stepping out of the tatami. Just five second before the end of the fight, the Kirghiz launched a desperate sweep movement, but only for yuko, not enough to come back.

TATEYAMA Sho (JPN) and Anzaur ARDANOV (RUS) were opposed in the second bronze medal fight.  Most of the fight resumes in a kumikata battle, until ARDANOV scored a waza-ari with a tricky ko-uchi-uchi-mata. Despite the pressure that TATEYAMA put on his shoulders, making him penalized three times for passivity or stepping out of the fighting area, ARDANOV maintained his advantage to win the bronze medal.


Gold in 22 Seconds for AN Chang-rim U73kg

The last final of the day opposed Dmytro KANIVETS (UKR), who was finalist in Cluj Napoca on the occasion of the European Open at the very beginning of June, and AN Chang-rim (KOR) the 2014 Junior World Champion. 22 Seconds were sufficient for AN to step on the top of the podium as he applied the secret weapon of the Korean team one more time to score ippon with a reversed seoi-nage.

The first bronze medal fight opposed Arthur CLERGET (FRA), who’s brother was the flag bearer of the French delegation during the opening of the games, but who got injured before the start of the competition, and YAMAMOTO Yuji (JPN). A first powerful o-uchi-gari put the French in danger, but he could escape for no score. More active that YAMAMOTO, the french seemed incapable of putting his hands on the judogi of his opponent though and YAMAMOTO, very opportunistically, score a first yuko with his o-uchi-gari. Enough to grab the bronze medal.

The second bronze medal fight opposed HUSEYN RAHIMLI (AZE) and Zelimkhan OZDOEV (RUS). OZDOEV rapidly took a strong lead with a waza-ari. But that was nothing to afraid RAHIMLI, who finally won with a tremendous counterattack (ura-nage) for ippon.


Untouchable UCHIO and Gold for Japan U52kg

The first final of the day opposed Alexandra FLORIAN (ROU), who so far had no records at the international level and the 19 year old UCHIO Mako (JPN), who was bronze medallist at the 2014 World Junior Championships, and won the Sofia European Open last February.

 If FLORIAN created the surprise by entering the final, there was no suspense in the final as UCHIO controlled all the sectors of the fight, scoring a first yuko with a beautiful uchi-mata. The second uchi-mata was even more perfect, as the Romanian landed flat on her back for ippon.


The first bronze medal fight opposed Tena SIKIC (CRO), winner of the Celje-Podcetrtek Senior European Cup at the beginning of June and Tetiana LEVYTSKA (UKR), who finished at an honorable 7th place on the occasion of the first European Games a couple of weeks ago. Three minutes and a half were necessary to see the first main score appear on the scoreboard as LEVYTSKA launched a rolling shoulder movement for waza-ari, enough to step on the podium.


Evelyne TSCHOPP (SUI), silver medalist at the Senior European Cup Uster 2015, and Anna DMITRIEVA (RUS), silver medallist last year at the European Open in Tallin, faced in the second bronze medal fight. Both athletes were quickly penalized for passivity after one minute. DMITRIEVA scored the first yuko just before the last minute, which made it difficult for TSCHOPP to come back. But in the last thirty seconds the Swiss counterattacked a drop seoi-nage from The Russian, to score a waza-ari which she immediately followed with an immobilisation for ippon.


Dorjsuren delivers Gold to Mongolia

The reach the final DORJSUREN Sumiya (MGL), successively defeated KIM Jandi of Korea by yuko, Rachel OLIVER of USA by ippon, GUIHUR Amelie of France, also by ippon, before breaking the golden dreams of one of the favorites today, the Japanese YAMAMOTO Anzu. In the final, DORJSUREN was facing Andrea BEKIC (CRO), who went through the preliminary round by defeating LEE Hsin-yun (TPE), LI Xiangdong (CHN) and GIORGIS Valentina (ITA).

 Throughout the final, BEKIC never ever seemed in the position to take the lead, DORJSUREN perfectly controlling the fight and putting out of balance the Croatian on almost all her attacks. DORJSUREN rapidly scored a first yuko before a second one that she followed with an immobilisation for ippon.


The first bronze medal fight opposed the local Jandi KIM (KOR) and Anailys DORVIGNY (CUB), who might represent the future generation of Cuban champions. But with the help of her public and after a start where only penalties were given, KIM succeeded in immobilizing DORVIGNY after a nice piece of groundwork for ippon.


The second bronze medal fight opposed Shushana HEVONDIAN (UKR) and YAMAMOTO Anzu (JPN), winner of two IJF Grand Slams (Paris 2014 and Tokyo 2012). After one minute of fight, a first drop-sode-tsuri-komi-goshi offered a strong lead to YAMAMOTO, with a waza-ari. 50 more seconds were necessary to the Japanese to conclude a long sequence of groundwork with an armlock for ippon.

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  • Sumiya Dorjsuren (MGL) - Grand Prix Ulaanbaatar (2015, MGL) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Mako Uchio (JPN) - European Open Sofia (2015, BUL) - © Kostadin Andonov / EJU, Copyright:
  • Chang-Rim An (KOR) - European Open Warsaw (2015, POL) - © Stanislaw Michalowski

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