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German Martyna Trajdos surprises the top four of the world

26 Jun 2015 17:10

   Emir Incegul / Turkish Judo Federation

An amazing result today at the European Games for Martyna Trajdos of Germany. A fourth medal for Germany, but this time a gold. The funny face from Hamburg, now living in Cologne defeated favourite Tina Trstenjak in the final for women U63kg.

Trstenjak couldn’t get grip on the reverse grip of Trajdos and more and more the German grew into the match despite the pressure of the Slovenian who hadn’t lost since the 2014 World Championships in Chelyabinsk. It was Trajdos who had one successful uchimata to gain a waza-ari.

Trajdos won four matches and started with Marijana Miskovic (CRO) in the first round, followed by Kathrin Unterwurzcher (AUT), the number four of the world U63kg.

In the Semi final Trajdos added another stunt by defeating World Champion Clarisse Agbegnenou of France. The French suffered a slight injury but fit enough to go for the gold and to continue her European title. But it was Trajdos who won on a shido in the golden score.

Germany never celebrated a European Champion U63kg. The last one in the final was Claudia Malzahn in 2008

The bronze medal was for 2013 World Champion yarden gerbi who defeated Ana Cachola of Portugal in her last match. Cachola upset Marta Labazina and Alice Schlesinger in the preliminaries but couldn’t beat Agbegnenou but beat Unterwurzacher in the repechage. However Gerbi who wasn’t at her best dominated the grip and with her strong tachi waza she could take the victory.

Gerbi lost to Trstenjak in the semi final but did beat Ozdoba, Hermansson and Cachola in the end.

Agbegnenou won the second bronze, she overcame Dutch Juul Franssen who had an excellent day but just came a bit too short to the French World champ. Nonetheless a good fifth place for Franssen who competed U57kg last year and made a successful transition and fought with the best of the world.

A surprising winner on a surprising day in Baku, who gave her reactions after her victory.

Trajdos: "Actually, I was standing on the podium at the medal ceremony and thought: 'really? what has been happening all day?' I think maybe tomorrow morning when I wake up and see the medal I will finally realise it."

On taking on Kathrin UNTERWURZACHER (AUT), No5 in the world, Clarisse AGBEGNENOU (FRA), No1 in the world and Tina TRSTENJAK (SLO), No2 in the world, and beating them all:

"Of course this did not just happen. This was well prepared and visualised. I am very proud and also surprised, as you cannot plan this. I have been in good shape all year already and one after another I got them (the opponents) out of the way."

"Maybe I was not the one who was clearly meant for the gold medal, but I would also not call myself an outsider. Maybe they underestimated me."

On her strategy:

"I like to think from fight to fight. I did not have one moment in my fights when I thought that I can easily win this. But I was determined to fight and keep on fighting and never stop."

On her preparation before the semifinal bout against world champion and No1 in the world-ranking list AGBEGNENOU:

"I did not have much time to think about it. I wanted to eat something as I had not eaten anything all day, but then there was no time as I had to go and fight the semifinal sooner than expected." 

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  • Martyna Trajdos (GER), Yarden Gerbi (ISR), Tina Trstenjak (SLO), Clarisse Agbegnenou (FRA) - European Games Baku (2015, AZE) - © Emir Incegul, Turkish Judo Federation
  • Martyna Trajdos (GER), Michael Bazynski (GER) - European Games Baku (2015, AZE) - © Emir Incegul, Turkish Judo Federation
  • Yarden Gerbi (ISR) - European Games Baku (2015, AZE) - © Emir Incegul, Turkish Judo Federation

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