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Why Should Judo Be in The MMA's Spotlight

Why Should Judo Be in The MMA's Spotlight

16 Nov 2022 09:30

One of the five original Olympic sports, judo has been a part of the global landscape for over a hundred years. Judo's popularity has waned and waxed over those one hundred years, but the martial art has always maintained a core group of diehard practitioners.

In recent years, however, judo has seen something of a resurgence in popularity due in no small part to the increased prominence of mixed martial arts (MMA). Indeed, this resurgence has also provided sports bettors, particularly in the United States, using the best sites listed on to be provided with new betting opportunities to enhance their wagering experiences, thus further adding a spotlight on the sport and creating questions regarding its absence across some combat disciplines where it could have a place.

But why should judo be in the MMA's spotlight? Let's take a look at some of the possible reasons that can be argued regarding why it should be given the light it deserves.

Judo Is an Effective Martial Art

The first and most obvious reason why judo belongs in the MMA's spotlight is that it is an effective martial art. Unlike some other martial arts that rely primarily on striking (e.g. boxing, Muay Thai, taekwondo), judo focuses on grappling and throwing. This makes it an excellent complement to striking-based martial arts such as boxing and Muay Thai. In fact, many of the MMA's most successful fighters have a background in judo, with some of them having been able to apply the techniques this discipline has proved them while in the ring. 

Judo Is an Exciting Sport to Watch

In addition to being an effective martial art, judo is also an exciting sport to watch. Thanks to its focus on grappling and throwing, judo matches are often fast-paced and unpredictable. We have seen incredible judokas throughout history, including Teddy Riner, thus making for a great spectator sport; something that cannot be said of all martial arts. This is also one of the reasons why it has become a popular Olympic event, and one that has continued to remain on the program with each edition of the Games held.

Judo Promotes Fair Play and Respect for Opponents

Lastly, judo promotes fair play and respect for opponents, two values that are somewhat lacking in today's MMA landscape. In contrast to other martial arts that allow (and even encourage) fighters to inflict serious harm on their opponents, judo matches are won by points or by forcing one's opponent to submit via holds or chokeholds. This focus on using one's opponent's energy against them rather than inflicting pain helps foster a spirit of fair play and mutual respect between opponents. It can also potentially help to attract new viewers, especially those that have an appreciation for the art of judo and want to see it utilized in mainstream sports such as the UFC


There are many reasons why judo belongs in the MMA's spotlight. Judo is an effective martial art with a long history, it is exciting to watch, and it promotes fair play and respect for opponents. With so much to offer, there is no doubt that judo deserves its place among the most popular martial arts in the world today.