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New judogi rules in the Olympic qualification cycle

New judogi rules in the Olympic qualification cycle

11 Jan 2022 17:20

The IJF distributed new rules and some of the rules include the size of the judogi. The Olympic Qualification will start on 24th June 2022 and finish on 23rd June 2024. In fact this is at senior level for those athletes acting in the IJF World Tour. If the judogi does not comply with the rules no reserve judogi will be provided and the athlete will be disqualified from that contest.

Judogi compliance will be applicable from the Grand Slam Paris at 5-6 February but with a tolerance until the Grand Slam in Ulaanbaatar, 24-26 June.

Judogi pre-control and backnumber check

The IJF will arrange a judogi pre-control and backnumber check starting two days before the first competition day, until the day before the last competition day. The judogi pre-control will be operated upon request of the athletes who wish so. For this purpose, the competitors should wear their judogi with the belt tightened. The exact time shall be mentioned in the outlines of the event.

Judogi Rules

The distance of the crossing points of the jacket, at the belt level, is increased up to 25 cm (instead of 20 cm). The belt should be worn just above the hip bone and be tied tightly. The jacket must cover the buttocks completely (plus 5 to 10 cm).

Random Weigh-in

Random weight checks for athletes may be organised and are the responsibility of the IJF Education and Coaching Commission. For IJF WJT events the random weigh-in will open one hour before the start of the competition each day. The athlete will have the opportunity to be weighed from one hour before the start of the competition until approximately 30 minutes before his first contest at the latest. The athletes do not need to bring their passports, as their accreditation is sufficient for identification. The weight of the athlete cannot be more than 5 % higher than the official maximum weight limit of the category.

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