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Reactions after Alain Schmitt got arrested for domestic violence against Olympic champion Margaux Pinot

Reactions after Alain Schmitt got arrested for domestic violence against Olympic champion Margaux Pinot

29 Nov 2021 20:15

The trainer and former member of the French judo team Alain Schmitt was arrested on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Seine-Saint-Denis for domestic violence on the Olympic (team) gold medalist in Tokyo Margaux Pinot, police sources and the Bobigny prosecutor's office reported Monday.

The custody of Mr. Schmitt will be lifted at the end of the day on Monday, with a view to a trial for immediate appearance at the Bobigny court on Tuesday afternoon, the prosecution also told AFP. The 38-year-old athlete was arrested by the police around 2:30 am Sunday in Blanc-Mesnil following an emergency call to 17 from a neighbor, where Margaux Pinot had found refuge.

The 27-year-old received numerous blows in the face from her companion and trainer, who was in a state of intoxication, according to police sources. Transported to the Avicenne hospital in Bobigny for treatment, she was prescribed more than eight days of ITT, said the prosecution.

Bronze medalist at the 2013 Worlds (-81 kg), Alain Schmitt reconverted as a coach at the end of his judoka career. Within the Etoile Sportive du Blanc-Mesnil club, he notably accompanied the champions Margaux Pinot and Madeleine Malonga.

These two athletes won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics last summer with the France team, in the new mixed team event.

For the moment Schmitt was released in 24 hours time. 

Margaux Pinot reacted with the photos of her face on social media:

"During the night from Saturday to Sunday, I was the victim of an assault in my home by my partner and trainer.
I was insulted, punched, my head hit the ground several times. And finally strangled.

I thought I was dead, I managed to escape to take refuge with my neighbors who immediately called the police.

I have several injuries including a broken nose and 10 days of Temporary Interruption from Work.

Today the courts have decided to release him.

What is their slanderous defense worth against my wounds, and the blood strewn on the floor of my apartment?
What was missing? Death at the end, perhaps?

It was probably judo that saved me.
And my thoughts are also with those who cannot say the same."

Alain Schmitt showed his blue eye on social media as well.

Schmitt: "The day after his release from justice for acts of violence against his partner, Margaux Pinot, Alain Schmitt denounces the death threats received on social networks."

"I am at the worst. I can't take any more of these calumnies, I had a very bad experience of this time spent in the cell, these three nights without being able to sleep. The hearing was very late and trying. I did not think that it would happen to me one day to find myself thus in the box of the defendants. I was relaxed but I still have a lump in my stomach. I thought that once justice was done, I would be left alone. But it does not stop, on the media, on social networks. Nothing is controlled. I get messages of intimidation, death threats."

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