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Tamerlan Bashaev bags gold again

Tamerlan Bashaev bags gold again

7 May 2021 21:05
IJF Media team by Nicolas Messner
IJF Gabriela Sabau / International Judo Federation

Russian heavyweight Tamerlan Bashaev is in a phase of ascending progression which once again guided him to the heavyweight final, against a judo giant, the Brazilian, Rafael Silva, double Olympic medallist and triple world medalist. Bashaev was 5th at the Masters in Doha, finalist at the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv and finally gold medallist in Antalya in April. The relative small (see podium picture) Bashaev keeps amazing.

The final was as expected, with Silva trying to use his massive figure to throw Bashaev with a natural but enormous uchi-mata and the small, by comparison, Russian trying to go under the centre of gravity of Silva. At this game, the winner is Bashaev, more active than the Brazilian, who was penalised three times.

Finalist in Düsseldorf in 2020, Johannes Frey (GER) qualified for the first bronze medal against the Romanian Vladut Simionescu (ROU), who since the Baku Grand Slam in 2019 has not tasted an international podium and it was not to be this time either as the Romanian, despite his size, was thrown with a stunning drop seoi-nage, not dissimilar in speed and drive from those seen at -60kg. Very impressive from Frey!

On the podium in 2019 in Baku, Anton Krivobokov (RUS) faced the second Brazilian in the category, David Moura, who, despite the public being in favour of his opponent, secured the bronze medal.