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News launches new design at 100 days countdown launches new design at 100 days countdown
15 Apr 2021 22:50

Hundred days in advance of the Olympic Judo tournament in Tokyo and the start of the European Championships in Lisbon, there cannot be a better day then launching a new design of JudoInside. Fans around the world use the world’s largest judo database every day and with the forthcoming major events it is time for a new design where mobile function, refreshing stats and less advertisement will be the key of JudoInside 2021.

Site owner Hans van Essen is pleased by the new looks after a period of six months preparation. The Eurosport commentator and former Judo Media Director visited countless judo events starting at the 1992 Games where judo data was kind of new. “Later sports data in general was used as key asset on analysis of athletes and especially the competitors. Since 2002 was introduced online but I was maintaining a judo database since the early nineties. Since 2014 I try to bring the hottest news, including news that Federations won’t necessarily bring, but fans must be informed on good and bad things. Judo deserves a news site with the best available data. However they also deserve a platform that works well with a fresh looks, who doesn’t want a fresh look after the corona period. Hopefully judo comes back strongly in each country and every judo fan can enjoy JudoInside as their number one channel. “

Soon more gadgets will be added to the site, “but this is a great day to launch it and we look forward to getting reactions via our social media” Van Essen says.

“Thanks to everyone that contributes to JudoInside with photos, videos, news and scoops. We have a huge network of people that keep me sharp and send us their results and additions. Keep doing that and Stay Inside each day as we deliver some good content towards the Olympic Games and beyond.”

In 100 days the Olympic Games Judo tournament the new Olympic Champions in the categories U60kg and women’s U48kg are crowned.