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Great judo months coming up for gamblers
Great judo months coming up for gamblers
11 Apr 2021 16:50
Kyrgyzstan Judo Federation

One of the least known sports betting markets is judo. Betting in this contact sport is comparable to wrestling and boxing, but it comes with different rules. The betting markets are quite similar and are mostly limited to large, international events. Find out if judo is profitable for you in this judo betting guide.

What Judo Competitions Yield the Most Bets?

Are you interested in judo betting? Here are the top judo competitions that yield the most bets. Mark your calendars for the following events this year.

World Judo Championships in Budapest

The World Judo Championships is an international event considered as the highest level of competition. In 2021, the championships will be from June 6 to 13. This event is held yearly and normally not when the Olympic games take place but this year is an exception.

European Judo Championships in Lisbon

The European Judo Championships will be held next week April 16 to 18. As with the world championships, judokas compete as representatives of their countries with  max of 9 athletes per gender and will host about 400 athletes this year.

Olympic Games in the heart of judo

Judo is among the much-awaited contact sports events included in the Summer Olympic Games. The sport was first seen in 1964 when the games were held in Tokyo, Japan. Olympic judo was a men's sport, and it was only since 1988 when female judoka were awarded medals.

Is Judo a Popular Sport to Bet On?

Judo is a popular sport, but betting is only limited to large events such as the Olympics and the World Championships. It would potentially be profitable to bet only during these events. It wouldn't be wise to rely on judo betting alone to make lucrative earnings.

Judo as a regular sport betting market may still be developing. It will only be a matter of time when exciting judo competitions pave the way for profitable wagers. For now, it would be safe for judo betting enthusiasts to wait for popular competitions when the market is teeming with profitable bets and liquidity. Judo is expected to massively grow over the next decade thanks to online betting.

Common Bets for Judo

The following are the most common betting markets available for judo. It’s always best to study your bets and take time to get to know the participating athletes and teams. Judo betting can be profitable if you don’t rush. Read market predictions to get the best results.

Match Winner

The matchwinner is one of the most popular types of bets in judo as it simply involves selecting the winner of the match. It could be a bet on the preliminary matches or the championship matches. Usually, a highly-rated player/athlete becomes the favorite, and his survival from the preliminaries to the finals becomes an irresistible market.

The key to winning at matchwinner betting is to take a closer look at the favorites and the underdogs. Check player histories, injuries, and training. This is a profitable market, an easy way to earn some quick money, especially when you know and have the patience to do a quick research before you place your bets.

Tournament Winner

The tournament winner is the overall winner of the event. Because there are several judo competitions, the tournament winner could be the athlete with the most medals won, the overall male athlete, the overall female athlete, or the different divisions’ winners.

In the Olympics, men and women judo games are classified into divisions: Heavyweight, half heavyweight, middleweight, half middleweight, lightweight, half lightweight, and extra lightweight. The tournament winner betting market becomes less complicated as the event concludes. As long as you have data on the athlete's event performance and have full confidence in your bets, it's easy to win great money.

Tournament Top 3

The hardest to bet on is probably the top 3 winners of the event or the bet on the top 3. This is a complicated bet as you need to predict the overall three winners of any event or the overall event. Usually, punters who follow the judo events and matches rise above the rest when it comes to this betting.

Can Betting on Judo Become Profitable?

Judo betting can become very profitable only during the mentioned international matches. During the rest of the year, take time to follow judokas' career and news as they usually announce their plans to join major events early on.

Take Time to Know Individual Athletes

Like in all contact sports, athletes' overall health, physical condition, talent, and skills should be followed closely. Watch as many games/matches as you can because even small events can lead to an athlete's international victory. You can watch previous games on YouTube as these games may not be featured on major sports networks.

Consider Head-To-Head (H2H) Matches

H2H matches will help predict event winners and the overall winner. Start following your favorite athletes early so you can make a sound and profitable bet later.

Athlete Ranking

Some tournaments are not as prestigious but provide winners with ranking points. These points can help you decide on the winners of different events, especially very popular international events like the Olympics and the World or European championships.

Avoid Betting on Too Many Matches

Don’t be in a rush betting on so many matches at a time. You’re only wasting your money as you cannot follow the matches closely. Preparation is the key to judo betting so you can gain good results in the end.

Judo betting is a developing market and is only profitable if you bet on international events. But despite this, it is still an exciting and challenging betting market that needs preparation for beginner or expert punters.9