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Uta Abe's Sode Uchi mata

21 Aug 2020 09:35

 Oon Yeoh of JudoCrazy    Christian Fidler

Yesterday we wrote about the standard uchi mata forms, but Uta Abe is well-known for her uchimata and her sode-tsurikomi-goshi. And sometimes, she combines both of them to do a hybrid sode-uchimata which is rather unique. Oon Yeoh describes the details.

This technique usually happens when she is in  a fierce gripping battle and her opponent is holding on tightly to her  right sleeve.

If she is convinced her opponent is not going to  let go, she rips into a low uchimata, pulling her right arm over. Uke,  who is still holding on tightly to the sleeve, inadvertently allows  herself to be pulled over because of the grip she is maintaining.

Although in the picture above, it might look  dangerously like a waki-gatame, in reality, this movement doesn't ever  come close to a waki-gatame as Abe doesn't trap uke's left arm. She just  pulls it forward and downward to facilitate the uchimata.

It's very effective but only because uke is holding on so tightly to Abe's  right sleeve. And uke is doing so because she is trying to prevent a  sode-tsurikomi-goshi. So, the key to making this technique work is  having a strong sode in the first place. Without it, uke might not hold  on so strongly, and this technique would then no longer work.

This  innovation seems to be unique to Uta Abe as I have not seen any other  player do this on a regular basis. Her brother, Hifumi Abe, does sode as  well but not uchimata and he does not do this hybrid variation. 

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