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Judo experts can benefit with SportingPedia’s Complete Guide to Online Betting

20 Jul 2020 11:20


Online sports betting has been on the rise in recent years, especially given the fact many countries have already paved the way for legal wagering on such events. The number of online sportsbooks is also constantly growing, with many operators accepting punts on popular sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, football, baseball, and horse racing.

Some of the largest online bookmakers listed on, however, strive to offer punters a more diversified betting experience with the introduction of less popular betting markets for sports like judo.

Most Common Markets and Bet Types for Judo

It would be a major overstatement to say online bookies offer a diverse range of markets for judo. Nevertheless, the biggest betting sites still offer fans of this combat sport some options, and particularly during major competitions like the Olympics, the World Judo Championships, and the European Judo Championships this year in Prague.

One great thing about this sport is that punting on it is relatively straightforward. Most bookmakers rarely offer live betting on judo events in progress or proposition bets. The most common market for judo is the match bet, in which case the punter is trying to predict how an event will go down, i.e. which opponent will prevail in the end.

You can bet on both female and male judo judoka. It is highly recommended for punters to learn the weaknesses, strengths, and previous head-to-head results of the opponents participating in a match before they pick a side. Here is an example of what a bet on a judo match typically looks like:

Larisa Ceric (-200) versus Idalys Ortiz (+180)

The example uses the North American form of odds expression, known as the moneyline. However, you should not worry if you are unaccustomed with this odds format since acclaimed bookies normally support fractions and decimal odds as well.

To proceed with the example, Cuban multiple World Champion Idalys Ortiz is the underdog here as becomes apparent by the plus sign in front of her odds. If she wins, a $100 wager on her would bring you $180 in net profits. Meanwhile, Larisa Ceric is the clear favorite in this case. A $200 wager on Ceric would result in net profits of $100 provided that she is victorious. So for judo experts, there’s lot to gain with the right Inside Information.

Another betting option for judo fans is to wager on the outright markets, also known as futures. An outright wager becomes successful whenever a punter manages to correctly predict the winner of an entire judo tournament. It goes without saying extensive knowledge of judokas and their past performance is required to win with outrights. Because of this, outright betting is mostly suitable for professional punters.

The largest online sportsbooks tend to accept bets on the top three where a punter’s goal is to try and guess the names of the judokas who will finish in the top three positions. The exact position each competitor finishes in (first, second, or third) is usually not relevant with bets on the top three.

Tips on Successful Judo Betting

Like wagering on MMA -, judo betting requires a good amount of knowledge and preparation, at least if you want to register long-term profits. Before you place a judo bet, it is recommended to watch as many fights as possible.

Some of the things you need to observe closely include what preparation methods the judokas have used and how they have performed during past matches. Such information can be found on dedicated judo websites as well as on social networks. Some bookmakers also offer such statistics. You may notice sometimes lower-classified fighters do not give way to favorites. All this information often allows you to find better odds.

The mental and physical condition of the judokas can also affect their future performance. With successful fighters, there is normally harmony between body and soul. If one of the two elements is missing, the fighter might not perform as well, causing you to lose your bet. Personal issues might have a negative effect on the fighters’ disposition as well.

Another useful tip is to try and concentrate on fewer matches, or at least in the beginning until you build up sufficient experience and knowhow. Novice judo bettors frequently commit the mistake of wagering on a dozen or more matches per day.

This prevents them from conducting comprehensive enough analysis which, in turn, leads to incorrect predictions. It would be best to restrict yourself to one to three fights per day so that you have enough time for preparation.

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