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Japan Judo Federation announces draft Olympic team

Japan Judo Federation announces draft Olympic team

27 Feb 2020 10:25
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The All Japan Judo Federation announced for most categories the selection for the team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The host nation picked a 12-member team including reigning men’s U73kg Olympic champion Shohei Ono and back-to-back women’s U52kg world champion Uta Abe.

The federation has instituted a three-stage selection process for Olympic team members, and this second stage involves a review of strong international competitors’ records.

The committee plans to pick judoka who have been judged by more than two-thirds of the attendees at Thursday’s meeting as having outclassed their rivals by a large margin.

In addition to Ono and Abe, Hisayoshi Harasawa in the men’s +100kg division and Chizuru Arai in the women’s U70kg are among judoka who appear to be poised for Olympic team selection at this stage.

Nineteen-year-old Akira Sone became Japan’s first judoka to qualify for the games through the first stage of the selection process last November after she won the women’s +78kg championship at the Grand Slam Osaka.

Reigning world champion Joshiro Maruyama and 2017 world champion Hifumi Abe, older brother of Uta, remain in a two-man race for selection in the men’s U66kg class.

The berth looks likely to be decided at the All-Japan Weight Class Championships, which will be held April 4-5 in Fukuoka.


-60 Takato Naohisa

-73 Ono Shohei

-81 Nagase Takanori

-90 Mukai Shoichiro

-100 Wolf Aaron

+100 Harasawa Hisayoshi


-48 Tonaki Funa

-52 Abe Uta

-57 Yoshida Tsukasa

-63 Tashiro Miku

-70 Arai Chizuru

-78 Hamada Shori

+78 Sone Akira

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