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Physical and Psychological Benefits of Judo

17 Jun 2019 13:50

 By Tali Haim    Mongolian JudoHeroes

Judo is a type of martial art which has been practised since 1882. It is our Olympic sport which has has been developed to a leading martial art in the Olympic Games history. Judo has shown to be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Today, you can also bet on the sports with Betway.

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1. Your Body Becomes Tougher

Judo is a rough sport and you will fall on your back all the time. Even though safety is highly important while training, you will still need to learn how to absorb pain over the course of your training. The point of the sport is to either throw or trip your opponent, or grab them so they tap out. This means that you are going to learn how to increase endurance so that you don’t tire out in the middle of a physically challenging match.

2. Increases Flexibility

With constantly being thrown around and also learning to pin down others, judo is great at making sure your body can twist in every which way and still stay intact. In many practice sessions, your trainers will likely place importance on stretching exercises so that your body is safe, which helps you perform better.

3. Great for Knocking Down Anxiety

Anxiety disorders on a rising trend these days. It is estimated that at least 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. When you do any physical activity, your brain releases endorphins, which reduces symptoms of both anxiety and depression.

Judo is said to be a holistic sport, meaning that it focuses on your physical and mental health. Like other martial arts, it helps you gain self-respect and humility while also making your body strong. All of this combined boosts confidence and actually makes you a happier person.

4. Makes You Mentally Strong

Judo will make you face your fears, not only in the ring but outside of it too. In this sport, the size of the opponent is not so important, but their skill is. This means that it is entirely possible to beat someone twice your size- and imagine the sense of accomplishment you would feel!

Recognizing your mistakes and fixing them to reach a goal is bound to make you mentally tough. You will learn how to keep fighting, keep improving, even if you are in pain. Once you learn to do it physically, you will find that you can apply this mentally in many other areas of your life.

5. Judo will Balance You Out

In a sport involving a lot of timing like judo, you will learn how to keep your entire body steady in a multitude of angles and positions. A major part of judo is learning to break your opponent’s balance, meaning that you will learn not only how to find weaknesses in others, but also in yourself.

This will affect your mentality, so that you will be more at ease in your daily life. By practising over and over, you will learn a lot about your body and mind.  Have you thought about betting on Judo on Betway?

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