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Sode specialist Sagi Muki likes the Japanese judo style

31 May 2019 09:10

   Paco Lozano / Judo y Otros

Clearly one of the favourites for World Championship gold in Tokyo, the IJF caught up with Muki for the latest Meet your Judoka Feature.

Starting Judo

 “I started judo at the age of 4 at Oren Smadja’s club. I was an energetic kid and my mum was running after me everywhere so she tried to put me in a place to throw up all  my energy and Judo was the right place!”


 “My favourite throw its Sode Tsurikomi goshi because I took it to my place, to my style and its going really good for me so this is my favourite.”


 “I don’t do a lot of Newaza but I prefer the Shimewaza.”


 “My best memory on the IJF World Judo Tour was the Grand Slam Abu Dhabi. It was a really historical moment for me and all of my country and also for the world.”


“I like to do barbecue with my family and friends, to invite them to my house and everybody sitting together speaking and sharing everything, so it's also connecting everybody. This is my favourite food.”             


 “I don’t like any specific genre, but whatever has a beat, I like.”


“My favourite movie is Rocky, I grew up watching this movie and I get excited everytime I watch this movie again.”


“My hero is my dad. He was taking me to judo 4 times a week until I got my driving license and he was there for me all of the time. So, Dad, I love you!”

Hidden Talent

“My hidden talent is juggling. You can pick me whatever 3 objects you like and I will do with them Juggling.”


“I like the Japanese style, its explosive and fast and I like Abe at 66, Ono at 73, also Hashimoto. Its explosive and fast, so I prefer the Japanese judo.”

After Judo

 “When I finish judo I don’t know yet what I will do, but maybe I will have a club. I’ve also learned about economics and management. But right now my head is only on my career.”

Why Judo?

“What makes Judo special is all the values that Judo can bring. Not only for the sport but also for the world. We can see a lot things that it makes good, its connecting people, its connecting nations and this is why judo is special.”

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  • Sagi Muki (ISR) - World Championships Baku (2018, AZE) - © Mongolian JudoHeroes
  • Sagi Muki (ISR) - Grand Slam Paris (2019, FRA) - © IJF Media Team, International Judo Federation
  • Sagi Muki (ISR) - Grand Prix Tel Aviv (2019, ISR) - © IJF Ben Urban, International Judo Federation

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